Sicknesses Obsessions – 2020 - XenoKorp
Live At Hellfest 2017 – 2020 - XenoKorp

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Etsicroxe, Supuration>>Ludo [Ludovic Loez]>>S.U.P., Undead Prophecies, M.Pheral – M.Pheral>>FRANCK PEIFFER>>M.Pheral

M.Pheral>>FRANCK PEIFFER>>M.Pheral – Forlorn Emotion, Infest, Forlorn Emotion, Undead Prophecies>>PHILIPPE REINHALTER>>Forlorn Emotion, Undead Prophecies

M.Pheral>>FRED HOURIEZ>>M.Pheral

Etsicroxe, Supuration>>Ludo [Ludovic Loez]>>S.U.P., Undead Prophecies, M.Pheral – Dehuman, Vibrion, Bone Pipe, Echo Solar Void>>LAYE LOUHENAPESSY>>Dehuman, Bone Pipe, Echo Solar Void

History & Biography
The goregrind band was active between 1990 and 1995 and obeyed the conventions of the scene and reformed for 2013. The 1991 demo was called Unformed and was not actually for sale. Seraphic Decay issued an Agathocles/Putrid Offal split single. Then came another with Exulceration. The band had five songs on the Obscurum Per Obscurius compilation. There was a Promo 94, but the band hung it up when the group’s drummer left. Several members were in the industrial-tinged M.Pheral until 2001, which did not require a drummer.

Kaotoxin Records issued the Suffering EP upon the band’s return in 2014. It featured several older tracks re-presented. The same label issued a Putrid Offal compilation called Premature Necropsy a year later. A two-disc set called Mature Necropsy featuring Premature Necropsy was also set free. The band and Mercyless announced a set of dates. Astonishingly more self-cover versions and live material was compiled for a 2017 EP called Anatomy. XenoKorp was the issuing company. Putrid Offal and label-mates Inhume would tour Europe in October 2018. A record finally was issued. This was in 2020. Laye Louhenapessy was on drums. The band was as extreme as ever. The album was due in the spring, but pushed back to September due to COVID-19. Live At Hellfest 2017 was issued in the autumn of 2020. To commemorate the band’s 30th anniversary both vinyl and cassette versions of the ’90s’ discography, called Premature Necropsy: The Carnage Continues, was issued on November 5th 2021. This was issued on CD in 2015.



Putrid Offal