Cranial blowout indeed! The four death-wielding Dutch men race out of the gates with a straight ahead, full speed brand of death metal, that leaves little room for subtlety or imagination. Blasting drums, bestial vocals and atomic guitars have ended up getting the band a deal with Spain's ever-ready Repulse now, so it won't be before long when we'll hear a full length from this bunch. On the down side, there isn't much originality to be had. It's all been done before by Sinister, Cannibal Corpse et al before. Still, should Pyaemia (a type of blood poisoning - akin to eating at Taco Bell) be able to take their current enthusiasm as a basis and build upon it with hours of concentration and practice, things can certainly look up. After all, the world can always use a new and original death metal band. Write c/o Uilenstede 32, 1138 AH Amstelveen Holland and feel free to also enquire about Nocturnal Silence.

When we reviewed the band's MCD demo in issue 27 (December 1999) the band had just announced signing with Repulse Records of Spain. Although signed there for two albums, the Spanish label's inability to pay for the recording session translated into the parties' amicable split. Unique Leader has picked up the Dutch quartet perhaps though their previous association with Repulse. The result is the oddly-titled Cerebral Cereal. Back then, while commending the band's powerful delivery, the review remarked the overt Cannibal Corpse influences. While those are still in place and audible, the band has taken the Review's advice to heart and practiced many times to release an album filled to the brim with unique and ultra-fast death metal. While songs like Gorging On Mucus And Bile and Carried In Proboscis show off the band's ability to delivering incessant blows to the head, a song like Impaled On Stakes, with its original and talented bass playing, establishes Pyaemia's talent and credentials. This is the rare and pure death metal release with mega pounding bass drums, deep gargling vocals and all the great titles one would demand. - Ali "The Metallian"