Human Hecatomb – 2014 – Chaos
Chained To Ossuaries – 2020 – Memento Mori

Pyre image

G= Drama, Ragor, Ulvdalir, Blazing Rust, Teitanfyre>>ROMAN ROTTEN [ROMAN DOVZHENKO]>>Blazing Rust, Teitanfyre – Neva, Chamber Of Torture>>FRED OBSINNER [EDUARD BARTOSH]>>Neva


D= Chamber Of Torture, Tanator, Ulvdalir>>Kannib Maledik [Daniil Shipilov]>>Chamber Of Torture, Tanator, Ulvdalir – Thou Shalt Fall, Not Last Rise, Veter Daemonaz, The Initiation>>Mal Noer [Noersyl Skept]>>Not Last Rise, Veter Daemonaz, The initiation, Serpentrance – Internal Damage, Ragor, Septory, Ulvdalir, Drama, Khashm, Teitanfyre, Portfire, Blazing Rust>>DYM NOX [DIMITRY DOVZHENKO]>>Teitanfyre, Portfire, Blazing Rust

History & Biography
Pyre is a death metal band that has been active in St. Petersburg since May 2011. Ravenous Decease was the 2012 demo. A bunch of sub-labels quickly re-released it. The band and Entrapment had a split record in 2013. The band’s debut album was issued in late 2014 by Mexico’s Chaos Records. A Russian label pressed it as well six months later. Pyre opened for Entombed A.D. in late 2014. The group played at the Old Grave Fest in Romania in 2015. Maledik left in 2017. Mal Noer replaced him, but singer Dym Nox took the stool in 2019. A couple of split releases killed time until Chained To Ossuaries. Dawnbreed Records put it on vinyl and cassette in 2021. Pandemic or not festival shows in Russia did not cease. The band played a show to commemorate its tenth anniversary at the MOD Club in St. Petersburg. 2022 brought appearances at Deathmanifest VI and Тьма fest. Pyre released a vinyl edition of its 2014 debut album Human Hecatomb through Dawnbreed Records and Nuclear Winter Records in October 2022.

Nox and Rotten are brothers. The band members move in tandem through a bunch of musical projects.