Rex Records' first release is the Pyrexia compilation Cruelty Beyond Submission. The CD features three songs from the veteran New York death metal band and features eight other songs culled from the band's earlier CDs.
Pyrexia has always been a little under-appreciated. Many saw Pyrexia as a New York alternative to Suffocation when the former's first CD was issued some ten years ago. The album packed quite a punch back then and still holds its own to this day. Several years later in 1997 and on a trip to the Michigan Death Fest a couple of us bought the band's then-newest disc from a complete moron at the Relapse stand. The time seemed right for Pyrexia again given the quality of that MCD. Alas, the band fell victim to laziness, inactivity and line-up changes and disappeared all over again. Cruelty Beyond Submission is a renewed sign of life from the band - apart from a few members' names being associated with other projects over the years - and a welcome outing. The band's older material speaks for itself, but the newer songs, featuring Chris Basile as the only remaining original member, prove Pyrexia is still a good band. The death metal style of the New Yorkers is no longer innovative, yet there is much to like here. The vocals are brutal, the guitars menacing and the new drummer makes sure he rides his toms in an apparent effort to assure older fans that this is still Pyrexia.
What is most amazing (or is that amusing?) is how the band's press release notes that the CD is available at Best Buy, Circuit City and other zits of the American corporate concentration. Have those companies seen the cover of this album? Or have they checked out the inside illustrations? Titles like Life Long Hate, Bludgeoned By Deformity and Hatred Anger And Disgust should make for a good shock to the system of the animal casually browsing through the racks looking for the latest country and western asshole only to come across Pyrexia! Apparently, this CD can be fun in more than one way. - Ali "The Metallian"