An Excellent Servant But A Terrible Master – 2011 - Selfmadegod
The Mother Of Virtues – 2014 - Relapse
What Passes For Survival – 2017 - Willowtip
Abscess Time – 2020 - Willowtip

Pyrrhon image
S= Seputus, Weeping Sores, Glorious Depravity>>DOUG MOORE>>Seputus, Weeping Sores, Glorious Depravity

G= Chad Thundercock>>DYLAN DILELLA>>Chad Thundercock

B= Seputus, Imperial Triumphant, Artificial Brain>>ERIK MALAVE>>Seputus, Imperial Triumphant, Artificial Brain

D= Hung, Imperial Triumphant, Epistasis, Chad Thundercock>>Alex Cohen>>Epistasis, Chad Thundercock, involuntary Convulsion, Karnage, Imperial Triumphant, Belltower, Pyrexia, Aeolian Winds, Thoren, Afterworldsmen – Seputus, Weeping Sores>>STEVE SCHWEGLER>>Seputus, Weeping Sores

History & Biography
This sludge/noise act came from New York, USA and was founded in 2008. Guitarist Dylan and early bassist Mike claim to have met on a subway platform. Demo 2009 featured Singer Doug Moore, guitarist Dylan DiLella, bassist Mike Sheen and drummer Alex Cohen who was a classmate of Sheen. The bassist though left to study overseas. The following demo was called Fever Kingdoms and re-issued by a label. Selfmadegod of Poland picked the band up and released the band’s debut album in 2011. The band had to resort to a 2012 Demo. Malignancy would tour Europe in July 2012 on the back of its Eugenics album. The band’s drummer, Mike Heller, was busy with Fear Factory and was temporarily replaced by Alex Cohen. Relapse picked the band up and an Album appeared in the spring of 2014. The act announced a North American run of live dates alongside Gigan and Artificial Brain in 2014. The tour was set to kick off on September 11th in Cleveland, Ohio and run through October 17th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Yet, a demo from 2015 was also re-issued by Selfmadegod! The band released a CD version of its latest works, the Growth Without End mini-album, through Selfmadegod Records in October following its initial vinyl version released earlier that year by Handshake Inc. Running Out Of Skin was a 2016 EP. The next album was on yet another label. Steve Schwegler was on the stool now although the band had utilized a couple of drummers for shows in the interim. The band’s song Empty Tenement Spirit was performed by an orchestra as re-written by Charlie looker of Psalm Zero with whom the band had toured.

The act got its name from Pyrrho an ancient Greek philosopher.