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Quiet Riot – 1977 – CBS
Quiet Riot II – 1979 – CBS
Metal Health - 1983 - Pasha
Condition Critical – 1984 – Pasha
QR III – 1986 – Pasha
QR – 1988 – Pasha
Terrified – 1993 – Edel
Down To The Bone – 1995 – Kamikaze
Alive And Well – 1999 – Cleopatra
Guilty Pleasures – 2001 – Bodyguard
Rehab – 2006 – Chavis
Extended Versions – 2007 – Sony
Live ’83 – 2010 – Cleopatra
Live At The US Festival 1983 – 2012 – Shout!
Number 10 – 2014 – RSM
Road Rage – 2017 - Frontiers
One Night In Milan – 2019 – Frontiers
Hollywood Cowboys – 2019 - Frontiers

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Solo, Little Women, Heat>>Kevin DuBrow>>Solo, Little Women, Heat – Rough Cutt>>Paul Shortino>>Badd Boyz, Shortino/Northrup, Great White, King Kobra, Rough Riot, Rough Cutt – Solo, Little Women, Heat>>Kevin DuBrow>>Solo, Little Women, Heat - Data Clan, Love/Hate, 100 Proof, Joshua Perahia, Ratt, Adler’s Appetite, Tracii Gun’s L.A. Guns>>Jizzy Pearl [James Wilkinson]>>Love/Hate – James Durbin>>Solo, Cleanbreak

Unstoppable, Violet Fox>>Randy Rhoads [Randall William Rhoads]>>Blizzard Of Ozz, Ozzy Osbourne – Speed Of Light, Snow, Heat>>Carlos Cavazo>>Snow, Heat, Hurricane, Power Project, Ratt, Big Noize, Snow, Rough Riot, King Kobra, Freakshow – Sean Manning>>Hurricane – Hero, Lana Lane, Solo>>Neil Citron>>Solo, BangTower, Citron-Banali, Black Cat 6 – Adler’s Appetite, Love/Hate, Beautiful Creatures>>ALEX GROSSI>>Adler’s Appetite, Love/Hate, Beautiful Creatures

Violet Fox, Mildred Pierce>>Kelly Garni>>Rhoads, Kingcrossing, G.M.O.S – Angel, Ozzy Osbourne, M.A.R.S., Whitesnake, The Dudes Of Wrath, Ratt, Dio, Blue Oyster Cult, Dee Snider, Animetal USA, Queensrÿche, Dio Disciples, Gunzo, Devil City Angels, Pamela Moore, Dream Child, The Guess Who, Social Disorder>>Rudy Sarzo>>Angel, Ozzy Osbourne, M.A.R.S., Whitesnake, The Dudes of Wrath, Ratt, Dio, Blue Oyster Cult, Dee Snider, Animetal USA, Queensrÿche, Dio Disciples, Gunzo, Devil City Angels, Pamela Moore, Dream Child, The Guess Who, Social Disorder – Guiffria, House Of Lords, Impellitteri, Blackthorne, Alice Cooper, Saints Of The Underground>>Chuck Wright>>Giuffria, House Of Lords, Impelliteri, Alice Cooper, Blackthorne, Saints Of The Underground, Chuck Wright’s Sheltering Sky – Badd Boyz, House Of Lords, Great White, Rough Cutt, XYZ>>Sean McNabb>>Badd Boyz, House Of Lords, Great White, Rough Cutt, XYZ, Dokken, Lynch Mob, Burning Rain, Let It Rawk, Resurrection Kings, Adler’s Appetite, Rough Riot – Little Women>>Kenny Hillery – Exposure, Guiffria, House Of Lords, Impellitteri, Blackthorne, Alice Cooper, Saints Of The Underground>>Chuck Wright>>Giuffria, House Of Lords, Impellitteri, Alice Cooper, Blackthorne, Saints Of The Underground, Chuck Wright’s Sheltering Sky

Mildred Pierce>>Drew Forsyth>>Network, Highlander – Monarch, Steppenwolf, Robert Fleischman, Billy Idol, Hughes/Thrall, Dokken, W.A.S.P., Alex Masi, Heavy Bones, Blackthorne, Freakshow, Dokken, Twisted Sister>>Frankie Banali [Francesco Felice Banali]>>Dokken, W.A.S.P., Alex Masi, Heavy Bones, Blackthorne, Freakshow, Faster Pussycat, Twisted Sister

History & Biography
Formed as a rock band called Mach 1 in 1973 when Randy Rhoads was 16, the band became Little Women in 1975 and Quiet Riot in 1975. The band was both more glam and poppy at the early juncture. The band was quite successful with its 1983 album Metal Health, which sustained the Los Angeles act until the disbandment of 2003. This lasted a year, but the band went away again in 2007. The last remaining original member singer Kevin DuBrow overdosed and died in 2007. The act returned in 2010.

The name ‘Quiet Riot’ stemmed from a conversation between DuBrow and Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt who suggested the name ‘Quite Right.’ This was misheard as ‘Quiet Riot’ and the name was picked. Quiet Riot’s first show was at the guitarist and bassist’s high school prom. The band’s founders were guitarist and guitar teacher Randy Rhoads, who was influenced by Alice Cooper, and bassist Kelly Garni who were childhood friends. Rhoads helped Garni play bass. Rhoads taught guitar at his mother’s music school Musonia as a teenager where he himself was instructed. He was in a band with his older brother called Violet Fox, which was named after their mother’s middle name. The new band added singer Kevin DuBrow (who had started on guitar and drums before signing) after he auditioned in Randy’s mother’s kitchen and drummer Drew Forsyth, but amidst a lot of bickering Kelly was fired for threatening to murder DuBrow. He had, in fact, driven with a gun to murder the singer before being arrested. Kevin and Randy had found a mutual love for the debut Montrose album and hit it off. Drew Forsyth was drafted. He was a former band-mate of Rhoads’. The band made a name for itself in Southern California even at this stage with a focus on Kevin’s enthusiastic brashness and Rhoads’ guitar flair. The act was able to obtain a contract, but for the Japanese territory only. The first two records were issued on the band’s own Ravers imprint. Ravers was also an early track. So it happens that the band’s initial success was confined to Japan in the 1970s. A lack of recordings available in their home country heightened the internal tensions within the band. Toby Management had secured the Japanese deals, but could not find takers in North America or organize Japanese concerts. Interest from Casablanca Records fizzled and Buddah Records backed out of a deal with the band supposedly due to financial difficulties. Garni was trying to get DuBrow killed or fired, at least, and Rhoads was playing the neutral game. Rudy Sarzo would join in time for the release of Quiet Riot II, which Garni had recorded. This album featured the song Slick Black Cadillac, which was re-recorded for Metal Health. The band would play with Van Halen. Nikki Sixx would come in to audition in 1977 for the spot that Sarzo would gain. Given the problems, Randy Roads would audition for the newly solo Ozzy Osbourne following a tip from bassist Dana Strum and get the gig. Sarzo would soon join Rhoads while also stopping by Angel (which was managed by the man who would manage Quiet Riot). The two contributed material meant for Quiet Riot to Ozzy Osbourne. Rhoads’ departure meant the end of the band. Guitarist Greg Leon was recruited for a while, but the group disbanded and DuBrow started a band simply called DuBrow. Nonetheless, an attempt was made to keep the band going with future Ratt bassist Juan Croucier.

Two years passed and DuBrow restarted the band with guitarist Carlos Cavazo, bassist Chuck Wright and drummer Frankie Banali. That last name was offered the job previously and had refused only to join Monarch instead. He accepted this time. Randy Rhoads would die in an aeroplane accident. With that Sarzo left Ozzy Osbourne and re-joined Quiet Riot soon. The line-up recorded demo material that would garner the act a US deal with Pasha/CBS. Pasha was the imprint of producer Spencer Proffer who was working with the band at the time. Proffer owned the band’s publishing, something the band would complain about later. Metal Health was issued in March 1983 and, with help from a cover version of Slade’s Cum On Feel The Noize and MTV, climbed the charts to number one in the USA. It was one of the highest charting metal albums and singles ever. The LP knocked Michael Jackson off the number one position. The band was being managed by Warren Entner who would later manage Faster Pussycat, Faith No More and Rage Against The Machine. The song Bang Your Head (Metal Health) was included in the movie Footloose. The song, incidentally, was written by guitarist-turned-bassist Tony Cavazo for the band Snow originally. "Bang Your Head" in the refrain was "No More Booze" in the Snow version. The band opened the massive US Festival to 600,000 people with very little sleep. Quiet Riot had been a late addition. Quiet Riot opened for ZZ Top and Black Sabbath. The band also opened for Judas Priest in Europe, which it had also done at the US Festival. The group appeared at an event called Rockpop in Westfalenhallen in Dortmund Germany to close 1983. This event was special with a line-up including Judas Priest, MSG, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions and others. It was also broadcast live on Germany's ZDF. This would remain the band’s most successful period. The follow-up came a year later. Condition Critical was successful and sold over a million albums, but the band was deemed repetitious especially since they had returned to the well to record a cover version of Slade’s Mama Weer All Crazee Now, which was also covered by Mama’s Boys. The group appeared on US mainstream pop show Solid Gold. Some of the album’s material stemmed from the Metal Health sessions. DuBrow was disappointed and was vocal about it. He also slagged many of his contemporaries, which pleased no one. He called Ozzy Osbourne’s vocals “like a frog.” DuBrow would sing about his reputation - “has a name of its own” - on Terrified. Sarzo quit the band and would end up in Whitesnake. Chuck Wright was back in Quiet Riot and this time as an official member. The band recorded QR III (which was QR V factually) without any cover versions, which was an even bigger commercial disappointment despite/because of its pompous keyboards and poppy drum sound. The band would reveal that many songs were rejected by the band’s producer Spencer and opine that the man wanted songs he had co-written to be included due to greed. The song Twilight Hotel did sell several units as a single. The keyboards were courtesy of John Purdell who would be a keyboardist for both Poison and Dream Theater later. The band played shows with Loudness, AC/DC and Poison. The disappointments lead to the musicians firing DuBrow (although they would insist it was the label and management had made them do it) and recruiting Rough Cutt’s Paul Shortino. DuBrow had granted the other three equal shares in the band’s name even though they were not original members. Just to confuse everyone Wright left and Sarzo returned. This was a brief affair and Sean McNabb was the longer term solution. Quiet Riot, the album, was no magic potion. The band released ’89 Live In Japan and threw in the towel. DuBrow, who was writing his own solo songs and producing a Florida-based band called Julliet for Enigma Records, on which Banali played drums, would sue for the rights to the band’s monicker, which was granted. The singer would recruit guitarist Sean Manning, bassist Kenny Hillery (of the reincarnation of Little Women) and drummer Pat Ashby and played a few shows as Little Women to get their feet wet and then as Quiet Riot to record. Bobby Rondinelli of Rainbow fame had replaced Ashby, but Banali was back for Terrified. DuBrow was in charge again. Because history must and will repeat itself Cavazo re-joined, this line-up played shows as Heat and soon became Quiet Riot again. Hillery had left the band in 1994 and committed suicide in 1996. He had been replaced by Swedish bassist Bjorn Englen in 1994. Sarzo would return, which meant that the band had its Metal Health line-up. The result was Guilty Pleasures. The band was touring with Warrant, Enuff Z’Nuff and Poison using the Glam Slam Metal Jam 2001 monicker. Poison had opened for Quiet Riot in 1986. Nonetheless Shortino had to step in for several shows as DuBrow was down with the flu bug. A live DVD was issued, but the band gave up again in 2003. Kevin DuBrow was recording an album of his favourite cover songs from the 1970's for Shrapnel Records. "This album's a real labor of love," said DuBrow. His band was comprised of Kevin DuBrow on vocals, Kevin Curry on guitar, German bassist Gunter Nezhoda and former Badlands/UFO drummer and Racer X vocalist Jeff Martin. DuBrow announced a solo tour that would include music from Quiet Riot. Bagging groceries is fun only when it’s not at Wal-Mart and so the band resurfaced a mere year later. Alex Grossi was on guitar. Quiet Riot was back after an eighteen month absence. The band featured vocalist Kevin DuBrow and drummer Frankie Banali as well as bassist Chuck Wright and Beautiful Creatures' guitarist Alex Grossi. The act had reportedly entered into "an equitable and legal agreement with bassist Rudy Sarzo, now with Dio, making it possible for the continuation of the group". Former guitarist Carlos Cavazo has chosen not to participate in the reunion. The band has a new CD compilation called Quiet Riot Live & Rare Volume I coming through Cleopatra Records in January. This was a title Faster Pussycat had used before.

The group commenced its 2005 world tour in England where the group has not performed in twenty years. Four dates were planned for February. The group toured with Cinderella, Ratt and Firehouse using the Rock Never Stops monicker in 2005. Cinderella recorded Live At The Mohegan Sun in this period. Tracci Guns Of L.A. Guns was invited into the fold, but the members disagreed on their direction and so Guns gunned out of there. Next out was Wright. Blue Murder bassist Pete Franklin was in the fold now. This band issued an album called Rehab on the East Cast label Chavis. However, Kevin DuBrow would overdose at home and die in November 2007. Frankie Banali was adamant that this meant the end for Quiet Riot. Banali thought it would be disrespectful of the fans to keep the band going.

The band reformed with Banali on drums, Chuck Wright on bass, Alex Grossi on guitar and a singer called Mark Huff in 2010. This band toured Europe with Slayer and Accept. Mark Huff was unceremoniously dumped when he required surgery and replaced by Keith St. John of Montrose for shows. Then someone called Scott Vokoun was recruited to hold the microphone. Amidst all the comings and goings a documentary called Well Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back was shot about the band. The title was adapted from the band’s lyrics. Intimacy coordinator and actress Regina Russell, drummer Frankie Banali fiancé and future wife, was directing. Quiet Riot was Frankie Banali’s domain now and managed by him. The band issued an album called 10. Quiet Riot, Faster Pussycat, Bulletboys and Gilby Clarke would join forces for the Bang Your Head Tour of North America in the summer of 2014. Singer Jizzy Pearl was out and replaced by Seann Nichols. The man was to sing on Road Rage, but to keep things the same the band instead found American Idol contestant James Durbin. Banali appeared in the film Hair I Go Again. The new man replaced the old man’s vocals for the record. DuBrow’s niece, Max DuBrow, sang Cum On Feel The Noize, at a club with the band backing her in 2017. It had been ten years since her uncle had died. Banali discovered his cancer in 2019 and was out. Several drummers replaced him for shows. Durbin quit even before Hollywood Cowboys LP was out. Jizzy Pearl was back in. Banali died due to pancreatic cancer in 2020. The band insisted Banali wanted them to continue and so Johnny Kelly was in. This drummer had already filled in for Banali at shows. Chuck Wright was deposed of in favour of Rudy Sarzo who had not been with the group for more than seventeen years. Sarzo expressed interest in touring for the fortieth anniversary of the Metal Health album and potentially playing the entire album at shows for 2023. Kelly Garni joined the 2021 version of the group for the song Slick Black Cadillac at a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on December 31. Quiet Riot announced concerts in the USA all year through October. The band was booked at Creatures Fest in Nashville in USA at Sonesta Nashville Airport Hotel between May 27 and 29 2022. Also appearing at the event were former Kiss members. Skid Row and Warrant were to use the Live To Rock monicker for a USA tour in the summer of 2022. Quiet Riot, Winger and Lita Ford were to open select dates.

Quiet Riot had a single and video for a song featuring dead former members singer Kevin DuBrow and drummer Frankie Banali. I Can't Hold On, which was to also be included on the band’s next album, also featured Alex Grossi on guitars and Rudy Sarzo on bass. Rock For Ronnie cancer charity in California featured Quiet Riot. Lita Ford, Dio Disciples and others in 2024. The band was booked for the HRH AOR X festival, alongside Madam X, Autograph, Bulletboys, Trixter, Enuff Znuff, Britny Fox and others, in the UK in 2024. The band was booked for Monsters Of Rock Cruise in 2024. The band was also booked for The Mountain Music Festival in August in Tennessee, USA. Alex Grossi, who had worked with Adler's Appetite previously, contributed guitar to the solo album of Guns N' Roses' keyboardist Dizzy Reed in 2024.



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