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For The Vomiting Tractor Drivers – 1999 – Infernal Racket
Let The Soul Out And Cut The – 2001 – Earache

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DAVE K – Pigface Kazzz

RUSSELL BEAR [RUSLAN GROSS]>>Kic Orchestra, Kruzenshtern & Parohod

DALE RABID [TERNO GRADERZ]>>Tangorodrim, Dusk Village

History & Biography
Israel-based sludge band Rabies Caste was active between 1995 and 2003, but had operated using two other monickers by the three Russian immigrants for two years prior. The first sign of death was the Self-Portrait Of The Madness demo tape of 1996. The noisy tape featured singer and guitarist Dave K and drummer/vocalist Dale Rabid. Beef was the follow-up demo of 1997. Russell was on bass now. The band recorded a tape called Children Can Fall Into Bucket And Drown, but did not deem it necessary to spread it. Almost as limited was the distribution of For The Vomiting Tractor Drivers CD of 1998. Kazzz was the second guitarist and the demo was re-issued by USA-based Infernal Racket Records. This one was re-released by a couple of labels of course.

The group toured the UK twice in 2000. The band subsequently opened for Biohazard and Charger in the UK. Earache was attracted enough to sign the band – over Pavement Music - and a debut record arrived in 2001. Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein was staffed by the aforementioned trio. There was a video for the song Got It From Blake. The group reported that it was removed from their website by a censoring ISP. Rabies Caste was on the road with Dillinger Escae Plan, Nasum and Candiria in Europe in 2002. Earache and the band became hostile over expenses and royalties and the band was dropped. The group played several shows with Labrat in 2003. The band split asunder, but a Pentagram cover version it had recorded circa 2002 appeared on a split single with Sourvein in 2005. A compilation simply called Rabies Caste arrived in 2006. More unreleased material was issued independently years later.


Rabies Caste is a defunct group from Israel that was once signed to Earache. The band’s hopes for renown were dashed once it came face to face with that label’s promotional inability and budget limitations. The self-titled sampler is the band’s last hoorah and a collection of material from a split-7” with Sourvein, two live songs and a couple of unreleased tracks dating back to 1997. The group’s sludgecore is a mixture of Eyehategod, Godflesh and Buzzoven. The band does not give a fig for convention making noise upon static noise as it churns its slow wheels. Vocalist David seems to be under the impression he is relentlessly being tortured. The live tracks betray no hint of having been recorded live and the distortion and feedback is hardly contained or seen as in need of correction. Too Much Is Never Enough is a song title and a mantra as the group heaps layers of cacophony upon the listener. And if you still need further proof, the band’s debut independent release was issued courtesy of Infernal Racket Records. - Ali “The Metallian”


Rabies Caste