Malice And Tranquility – 1996 – Century Media
Requiem For The Innocent – 1998 – Century Media

Radakka image

G= Crystal Axe>>MICHAEL POSCH>>Heaven & Hell, Pamela Moore – Paradoxx>>JOHN DOBBS>>Slick, Mock Five

B= Paradoxx>>RANDY JOSTES>>Heaven & Hell

D= Paradoxx>>Dean Maltese>>Slick, Bird Of Prey, Mock Five, Platinum

K= Michael Posch

History & Biography
This Chicago-based hard rock band lasted between 1988 and 1999 and released three albums. Posch was the last of the four to join. The band had a self-titled demo upon formation. Then came a tape called Vicious Raditude in 1990. The last demo was 1991’s Masquerade. Then the masks were off and the band went five years without a release. Newly signed with Century Media in 1995, the band issued its debut album in 1996. The release was distributed in Europe only.

The second and final album came in 1998, which was a year before the band unofficially broke up. Century Media had dropped the band due to a lack of sales. Dean Maltese had left the act and been replaced with Gabriel Anthony. Dean and Jon ended up in Slick alongside former Rebels Without Applause fellows. Heaven & Hell was a Black Sabbath covers’ band.


Long known as the darling band of writer and Century media A&R Borivoj Krgin, Chicago's Radakka has been an anomaly in the midst of the metal-barren times of late. Album number one not being released in Canada, Requiem... is the band's first domestic release here and judging by the initial reactions it is inferior to its predecessor. It might be possible to explain why the reactions are not overly positive. Radakka's musical output is not only quite subtle in several ways, but also varied in terms that are occasionally not wanted or appreciated by metal fans. While album opener Phantom #9 quickly seeks to raise the commercial flag with its Skidrow-ish arrangement, the rest of the album is more textured and adventurous. Azriel (My Dying Love) begins with a big guitar sound which is at home in today's pop scene. Whore follows with not too few a sample which is followed by Velvet which itself begins by music inspired by the film Blue Velvet. One's appreciation of Radakka will grow with every consecutive listen. The band is nevertheless not a Hammerfall or Queensrÿche and as things stand the group can only be recommended with a note of caution. - Ali "The Metallian"