Raging Fury – 1992 – Sub Rock
Black Belt – 2013 – Spiritual Beast
Grotesque Masked Krusher – 2019 - Jackhammer

Raging Fury image
S= Spellbound>>NAKAGAWA HARUO>>Spellbound

G= Toyozo "Zap" Yamada - TOYOZO "ZAP" YAMADA

B= Spellbound, Hate Beyond>>NAKAGAWA HARUO>>Spellbound, Hate Beyond

D= Vexation >>Kenjiro Azuma – Snaggletooth>>Imai Akihiro>>Downfall Of Debris, Bare Bone Sledge – Casbah>>SHU ISHIKAWA>>Casbah

History & Biography
Raging Fury was born to thrash in Kyoto and continued on nearby Nishinomya beginning in 1982. Founding line-up was Haruo’s older brother Tomoji and drummer Hiroyasu Ishijima both formerly of Spellbound. Singer and bassist Haruo would join them shortly. They were also in the Kyoto-based Spellbound. Early demos had titles like Raging Fury and Wolf Spider. The Rattlesnake Rules was a 1988 single. The group ventured out to Nagoya and Tokyo at this juncture. The band participated in the Skull Smash Volume 1 compilation with the song Barricade even though the members had wanted the track Wolf Spider to be included. F.E.T.U. (Far East Thrash union) managed the band. The British Tapes '89 demo was for the British fans and called itself Japan’s best metal. The Japan Tape demo was limited to 100 copies. The band declared its wish was to have Raven open for it in the USA one day! The group appeared on the Far East Thrash Army II - Burning Inside compilation in 1990. New Renaissance Records of the USA opened negotiations with the band, but nothing happened.

Its debut album appeared in 1992. More demos appeared, but the group went dormant after the turn of the century. Yamada had left in 1993 only to return in 2003. Azuma had left at the same time, but did not return. The band had played Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka in 1993. Maruo (guitar) from Exzone and Kikuno Yusuke (drums) from Narcotic Greed joined, but Maruo departed soon. Raging Fury opened for Tankard, Marduk and Deranged in 2000. The band played a 2002 concert to commemorate its 20th anniversary and distributed The Aggression And The Furious demo for free at shows. Yamada was organizing the Hounds Of Hades events.

A 2010 demo was called Zanba-Swordkill and a second full-length album appeared 20 years after the first. The band performed as openers for razor at the True Thrash Fest of Rock Stakk Records in 2011. The band opened for Raven in Japan in 2015. Casbah’s Ishikawa Shu was drumming for the band beginning 2017. The group has had as many drummers over the years as Japanese right-wing politicians have had brown nosing sessions with the American ambassadors. The group was booked for the Break The Chain 7 concert alongside Shellshock, Code Red and others.

The band incorporates a sense of humour and Japanese folklore characters occasionally.



Raging Fury