Nattferd – 1995 – Head Not Found
Arising Realm – 1997 – Head Not Found
Diabolical Age – 2000 – Head Not Found
In Nomine Satanas – 2002 - Regain
Blackdoor Miracle – 2004 - Regain
Collectors Of The King – 2010 – Regain
Malediction – 2012 – Agonia
Psychopathology – 2016 - Agonia
Non Debellicata – 2019 - Agonia

Ragnarok image
S= Kharon, Sunshine's Gone>>Thyme [Dag Ronny Hansen]>>Kharon – Lord Arcamous [Christer Evensen] – Thule, Ravengod, Taake, Ofryskje, Deathcult>>Hoest [Ørjan Stedjeberg]>>Taake, Deathcult, Slavia – Svarttjern>>HansFyrste>>Svarttjern – JONTHO [JOHN THOMAS BRATLAND]

G= Kharon, Crowhead>>Rym [Øyvind Trinborg]>>Kharon, Crowhead – Lord Arcamous [Christer Evensen] – Carpticon>>Brigge – Images At Twilight, Blunt Force Trauma>>Bolverk [Thomas Hansen]>>Blunt Force Trauma, Images At Twilight, Under The Oak

B= Jerv [Tom Richardsen] – Beyond Insanity, Carpticon, Nebular Mystic, Vidsyn, Quadrivium>>DezeptiCunt [Svein-Ivar Sarassen]>>Nebular Mystic, Vidsyn, Quadrivium, Nordjevel – Elvarhøi>>Rammr [Christopher Rakkestad]>>Elvarhøi

D= Excelsis, Endezzma, Kharon, Tsjuder, Fester>>Jontho [John Thomas Bratland]>>Excelsis, Endezzma, Kharon, Tsjuder, Fester, Perdition Hearse – Tyrant Imperia, Dauden>>Malignant [Daniel Minge]>>Dauden

K= Pål Espen Johannessen>>Helheim, Algol, Kampfar, Grievance, Con Anima – Dimmu Borgir, Fimbulwinter, Ulver, Nocturnal Breed>>Shagrath [Stian Tomt Thoresen]>>Dimmu Borgir, Nocturnal Breed, Ov Hell, Chrome Division - Jontho [John Thomas Bratland]

History & Biography
This Viking/black metal band has been active since 1994. Drummer Jontho and bassist Jerv acted as founders. The band recorded a song for the Ørevox compilation. The group was singer Thyme, guitarist Rym, bassist Jerv and drummer Jontho. The Pagan Land demo appeared in 1995. The band recorded the tracks twice on different occasions.

The band had a record deal and issued its debut in 1995. Nattferd (‘Night Trip’) featured keyboards, some folk rock and keyboardist Pål Espen Johannessen. The group signed with Head Not Found for two more records after the debut and had to decline Century Media’s interest as it arrived too late. Arising Realms featured Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir on synthesizer. Jontho would object to bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth with their keyboards and female vocals in interviews several years later. Diabolical Age was manlier and had toughened up. The group toured with Satanic Slaughter. The band moved to Regain, via a two-album deal, for In Nomine Satanas, which was engineered by Tommy Tägtgren. It was purged of pianos and featured singer Lord Arcamous who stayed only for In Nomine Satanas and immediately left. His departure was attributed to girlfriend pressure and a dislike of touring. Still, he and Jontho appeared on Norwegian television for a contest called Far Out. Occult, Ragnarok and Anorexia Nervosa were forced off the Dark Funeral tour in Europe at the beginning of 2002. The headliner was facing financial losses, for among other things, bus rental and had to send one bus back. Taake’s Hoest was the singer for Blackdoor Miracle, which was once again engineered by Tommy Tägtgren. Hoest had become an acquaintance when Jonto had played the Black Sun festival in Germany with Tsjuder. Shows with Incantation would come soon.

There was a gap here between albums for Collectors Of The King only appeared in 2010. Jontho had begun activities again in 2008. He had been Endezzma’s drummer in the meantime. HansFryste, a friend of guitarist Brigge, had taken over the vocals in 2008. His first show was the Storm Of Destruction festival in Germany. Rym, who had been the main composer, and Jerv had left in 2007. The latter man would die due to a car accident in 2017. Only Jontho was left standing from the demo days by now. The album, featured Marduk’s Magnus Devo Andersson as sound engineer, was recorded at Endarker Studios in Norrköping, Sweden. The band was promising some true black metal on the record. A video was made for the title track. Marduk and Ragnarok, among others, left Regain Records in 2011. The label was undergoing financial difficulties. The band toured Russia. Malediction was on a new label. Jontho shifted to vocals. An edition of this record featured demo and rare tracks. Ragnarok appeared at Wacken Open Air in 2013.

Black/death metal band Cvinger joined the Norwegian black metal band Ragnarok’s Psychopathology tour in Europe as openers from 16th to 26th October 2016. After using session bassists for a year the band recruited Rammr in the summer of 2017. A Latin American tour was next in 2017. The band appeared at the Inferno festival in 2019. After almost a decade in the band guitarist Bolverk left in 2019. The band’s line-up underwent further upheaval and three new members joined Jontho in 2020 and 2021. Ihizahg and Bjarkan joined on guitar. Hellcommander Vargblod joined on bass.

Ragnarok refers to the demise and recreation of existence in Norse mythology, which include a battle between Norse gods and the giants. The band adorns itself in face and body paint for shows.