Ragnell hails from Mexico and plays music that could have easily stemmed from Scandinavia. The band is quite underground and likely an unknown entity to most except the most ardent of death/black fans, but that is a pity because the trio delivers for the most part.
The album begins with a short intro, but very quickly ascends (descends?) into a chaotic attack that takes advantage of both speed and ferocity and quality riffing and rhythm. It is effective even if on a couple of tracks, Dethrone and Aeterna Victoria, the group introduces what sounds like Gregorian monk chants, slows down here and there and inserts brief moments of whispered vocals and synthesisers are heard. The rest of it is such a commanding assault that one could only admire this record. The major downside to this record is the mechanical drum sound. The toms and bass drums are too mechanical to make the proceedings more impactful. The bonus track Holy Center Of Worship, To Burn demonstrates how the band has a worthy drummer in its ranks regardless.
There are two bonus tracks on this disc, which whet the appetite for the group’s previous output from whence they come. Path Of Darkness and Holy Center Of Worship, To Burn are even more furious than the tracks on this record.
Incidentally, not only the band likes the word ‘darkness’ in its titles as Consumed By The Eternal Darkness was the group’s 2014 album, but the 2018 EP by the act was also called Rebirth In Darkness!
If comparisons are needed one could point to the early Darkthrone output, but that may be because the opening track here is called Ablaze In The Altar (Of Sacrifice). That title itself could also invite Deicide comparisons. A better description would be Immortal - especially second track Bath In The Blood Of The Priest - meets Vital Remains. Those associations do the Mexicans justice. – Ali “The Metallian”