Ten Years After – 1991 – Sysma
Bigditch 4707 – 2000 – Eternal Shadows
Headshaker – 2003 - Deadsun
Dad Is Dead – 2008 - Aural
Mexican Way – 2013 - Aural
Spacepirates – 2016 - Aural

Rain image
Sandro Ventura – Alessandro Tronconi – Francesco “Il Biondo” Grandi – Mantis Le Sin [Domenico Curigliano] – EVIL MALA [MAURIZIO MALAGUTI]

Marco Valianti – Tarchon Fist, Rain1980>>Luciano Tattini>>Tarchon Fist, Rain1980 – Ground Zero, Magenta#9>>ALESSIO “AMOS”AMORATI >>Magenta#9 – Basic Dreams>>Marco “The Master” Rizzi>>Basic Dreams – Massimilano Scarcia – Amedeo “Ame” Mongiorgi

Gianni “Gino” Zenari – Antonio Olivo – Electrocution, Zephyr, Bull-Riff Stampede, Bad Ambition, Underneath>>GABRIELE REVAGLIA>>Underneath

Andrea “Jack” Cavani>>Raw power, Browbeat – Andrea “Mario” Baldi – Silent Field>>Giacomo Calabria – Blackage>>ANDREA FEDREZZONI

History & Biography
Rain has been active pouring heavy metal since 1980. The act has veered rock and pop over the years. Guitarist Tattini left briefly in 1982 and picked up the name Rain1980, but was soon back and, in fact, remained until 2005. His eventual departure, however, meant the band featured no original members. The Rain’s Coming was already too late by the time it was released in 1986. Ten Years After, the debut album, was already a year late as well. Red Revolution was a communist triumph and issued independently in 1995, as was Bigditch 4707 of 2000 before finding distribution. A demo was issued in 2003 that lead to the Headshaker album of the same year. The band had opened for the likes of Paul Di’Anno and MSG by now. The group played a Metal Camp 2005 in Slovenia.

The band switched to Aural Music for Dad Is Dead. There was again a new singer. A video, called Come Back Alive, was appropriately titled as it featured material from the band’s USA tour. Yet another self-cover version album was called XXX and issued in 2011. A Metallian Towers’ serf posed on the cover. Mexican Way was an acoustic outing. More self-cover versions ensued when the band re-released Dad Is Dead on its tenth anniversary. The band gave it a new cover and remastered it.

Rain had a single called A New Tomorrow in 2022. The song was the first single from the band's upcoming album due to be released also in 2022. The band’s line-up was Evil Mala – vocals, Amos and Freddy V – guitars, Gabriele Ravaglia –bass and drummer Gunner. The band was booked at a number of festivals.


Why this 2008 album has just reached Metallian Towers is a matter of speculation, but fact is it might as well have taken 20 years to get here, not two! Rain’s sound and style if more 1988 than 2008 and no wonder the Italian band is a child of the '80s.
The album is straight-laced heavy metal with nods to Judas Priest, Guns 'N Roses and Jackyl. The cover sticker calls the whole performance metal and dirty rock 'n roll and most of it is true, although the Italian veterans are not likely copying and stealing. They are channelling their influences and keeping the metal true. The sound is strong and the cover artwork looks like it is raining blood, but the album name is cheesy and trite. Much much worse is the even cheesier presence of a cover version of The Cult’s song, Rain. Gods of originality awaken! Rain covers Rain. Rain does a cover version. That is an automatic ten-point deduction right there.
Otherwise, this is a long full-length full of real metal riffing, soloing and a singer who wails prominently. He does so clearly partly thanks to the production, which favours the vocals over the instruments. Hear the album for great metal riffs on 8 Bar, Mr. 2 Words and Rain Are Us (more cheese in the title). The Party is one instance where the band goes Jackyl, while singer Francesco Grandi does Jesse James Dupree. Mr. 2 Words is Welcome To The Jungle, while the group’s promo shot might as well be a leather jacket and boots commercial. Poor cows/so metal! - Ali “The Metallian”