Believe – 2000 – Dark Symphonies
Refuge – 2002 – Dark Symphonies

Rain Fell Within image
S= DAWN DESIREÉ SMITH>>Solo, ...And Here I Lie, Death Of Desire, Moonroot
G= Garden Of Shadows>>Owen Davis - KEVIN THOMAS – JASON AARON WOOD>>Ol Sonuf, Ephemeral Sun, Krieg, Todesbonden, Solo
B= CHARLES GORE>>Ephemeral Sun
D= Psycophancy>>TIM MILLER>>Ephemeral Sun
K= Dawn Desireé Smith

The band was active for six years beginning in 1996. The boys and girls issued a demo called Solemn Days in 1998. Guitarist Bill Rucker and drummer John "Sardonius" Brown departed. Owen Davis joined on the six strings and remained for two years.

Dark Symphonies issued the band’s debut to start the year 2000. Most tracks were over eight minutes long. Believe was a self-recorded endeavour that was meant as a demo to be shopped to labels. The group had already opened for The Gathering in the USA. The group also played several festivals like the Milwaukee Metal Fest in 2000. Dawn contributed a track to Witch-Hunt’s Souls Enshrouded Fire album. Dawn was dating that band’s guitarist Eric Buchanan.

The band opened for the Lacuna Coil and Moonspell tour. Rain Fell Within’s Believe was licensed to Hellion Records in Brazil. This was a rare licensing effort from Dark Descent. The first album ended up selling 7,000 copies. Jason Aaron Wood arrived in time to be present for Refuge. His wife Laurie Ann Haus also contributed to the album. The second album’s first 2,000 copies were issued as a digipak. Late keyboardist, John Battema, as well as several other members joined the follow-up act Ephemeral Sun.

Rain Fell Within was a K&F (Keyboards & Female vocals) group with operatic vocals. The group disbanded amidst rancour. The group’s monicker was inspired by the feelings invoked when inside and listening to the rain fall outside.


Rain Fell Within are America's answer to Gathering and Theatre of Tragedy. They are a melodic rock/ pop band, with slow moving compositions accompanying a female opera singer. Putting aside the rational arguments against 'metal' with K&F (Keyboards and Female vocals), the problem I, and I believe many, have with bands such as this which strive for recognition for their arty operatics is their country of origin. No matter how ethereal or soulful the beauties of the band's melodies appear, the fact that the band is from Virginia, say, works against them. For it is not difficult to envision a Dutch band singing of ancient cultures, lost tombs or angelic art; however, it is quite a stretch to imagine similar inspiration in the mind of a 'Kevin' or 'Owen' in downtown Pittsburgh. America is far too associated with outright barf like McDonald's, Ellen, Roseanne, NRA or similar trash culture to ever be taken seriously in the realm of art rock. Sorry. - Ali "The Metallian"


Rain Fell Within