Tales From Sadness – 2005 – Arise
Flies & Lies – 2007 - Lifeforce
Psychromatic – 2010 - Lifeforce

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Fake Idols>>CLAUDIO COASSIN>>Fake Idols

Leprechaun>>Matteo Di Bon>>Leprechaun – Wild Wings>>Luca Michael Martina>>Wild Wings – Inira>>Acido [Daniele Bressa]>>Inira

Michele Colussi

State O’ Mind, Leprechaun, Fake Idols, Eternal Idol>>ENRICO FABRIS>>Leprechaun, Fake Idols, Eternal Idol

Claudio Coassin – Revoltons>>ANDREA CORONA

History & Biography
The Northern Italian Raintime was founded in 1999, disbanded in 2012 and per laws of the metal scene reformed in 2018. The band considered itself extreme, but was founded around the members’ love for Dream Theater.

An early demo was instrumental (Coassin was on keyboards) and called Jump In The Past. Guitarist Martina joined the band next. The group signed with Intromental Management. Arise Records of France signed the band and released Tales From Sadness in the spring of 2005. A tour with Secret Sphere and Royal Hunt was cancelled after Royal Hunt pulled out. An earlier show was also cancelled as Italy was mourning the death of Pope John Paul II. Corona joined for Flies & Lies. This album contained a cover version of Michael Jackson’s Beat It. The record was produced by Tommy Hansen who had worked with the likes of Helloween and Pretty Maids. Acido arrived for Psychromatic. Colussi left at this juncture, but was involved in the reformation.

The band’s monicker was inspired by the rainfall in its home region.


Unfortunately, I have to rain on Raintime's parade to some extent. The debut album of the Italian quintet could have been a good metal release were it not for the keyboards. The newcomers have a couple of good chords, nice and impressive soloing and a singer who exudes feeling. In fact, the band is not lacking musicianship or maturity on its first album. The band would have been a nice proposition in the heavy metal realm were the Dream Theater-influenced keyboards not constantly meddling. Tales From Sadness, far from being a doom metal release sees alternating segments between keyboards passages and metal parts and melodic riffs. The same thing goes for the vocals which vary between menacing growls (say a la Dimmu Borgir) and high-pitched melodic vocalizing a la Stratovarius. A song like The Experiment spotlights even more vocal ranges (all of which are impressive) and in-between the bouts of synthesizeism has some very keenly aggressive metal wizardry. Chains Of Sadness is very commercial and sounds like a ballad performed by a prog band. It is well done too. Daily Execution/Paradox Defeat has a fantasy sounding riff a la Freedom Call, Blind Guardian et al. There is not anything on this album that is revolutionary, yet Tales From Sadness could have been a contender this month had it looked within its soul and decided which direction it wishes to take with the music. Nevertheless, the band somehow manages to shuffle a number of influences and styles without sounding weird. As things stand Raintime is a band with lost potential, yet with a singer who emits a lot of feeling and versatility. - Ali "The Metallian"