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Holy Target – 1998 – Nuclear Blast
Not Dead Yet – 2000 – Nuclear Blast
Wicked Is My Game – 2002 – Nuclear Blast
City Of The Damned – 2006 – Black Lodge
Written In Blood – 2015 – Black Lodge

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Jonas Nilsson - Driftaway>>Jimmy Fjällendahl

Mortifer, Sins Of Omission>>JONAS NILSSON - Torstein Wickberg - Joakim Kulo>>Hangmore


Mortifer, Sins Of Omission, Mystic Prophecy, Athela, Dark Eden, Siebenbürgen, Machinery, Rutthna >>Dennis Ekdahl>>Machinery, Athela, Dark Eden, Siebenbürgen, Rutthna, Thyrfing – The Lie, Cryonix, Destruction, Jesus Chrysler Superskunk, Abandoned, Megora, Poltergeist>>SVEN VORMANN>>Megora, Poltergeist

History & Biography
This Stockholm, Sweden-based power/thrash metal band operated under a number of different moncikers before becoming Raise Hell in 1997. Jonas and Niklas were the founders, but were quickly joind by Torstein. As such, the band’s debut record was issued by Nuclear Blast in 1998, whch had signed the band based on the In Cold Blood demo. Holy Target was supported through a European tour with Dismember, Children Of Bodom, Night In Gales and Agathodaimon. The group also appeared at Wacken. The second album was supported through a tur with Destruction. The group wiuld recruit Destuction’s drummer several years later. The band was heard on the Nuclear Blast Festivals 2000 compilation in 2001.

The line-up remained intact for Wicked Is My Game, but the band moved to Black Lodge for the To The Gallows EP of 2006. An old friend and rock singer Jimmy Fjällendahl had taken over the vocals and Joakim Kulo was the second guitarist. City Of The Damned followed. The band went on hiatus until 2015. There was a change of rehearsal space, parenthood, deaths and work. Sven Vormann was on drums for the new album. Local drummer Johan “Vebba” Westman (Chainsaw) was also engaged for local shows. A couple of tours were cancelled (although the band played a small show called Death Kills Fest 2016) and the band became inactive.



Raise Hell