Lightbringer – 2009 – AFM
Death – 2012 – Metal Blade
Svbversvm – 2015 – Metal Blade
Rod – 2017- Metal Blade
The Throne Within – 2019 – Metal Blade

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Immersed In Blood, Nominon>>Christian Strömblad>>Nominon – Frozen Eyes>>Leif Larsson>>NME Within - Vornth, Jormundgand, Hellbutcher>>TOBIAS PETTERSON>>Vornth, Jormundgand, Hellbutcher

Boulevard, Commander, B-Thong>>MORGAN PETERSSON>>B-Thong

History & Biography
Ram is a Gothenburg, Sweden-based heavy metal band that has been active since 1999. Guitarist Harry was the founder. The act was heard through the Sudden Impact demo in 2003. The line-up was singer Oscar Carlquist, guitarists Harry Granroth and Daniel Johansson, bassist Leif Larsson and drummer Morgan Petersson. A short tour in support of Sebastian Bach followed. The band next issued its Forced Entry full-length demo in 2005. Shows with Dark Tranquillity took place. The act appeared on a couple of samplers and splits before signing to AFM Records and issuing its debut album in 2009. Lightbringer, which the band had independently recorded, featured bassist Christian Strömblad who lasted one year. That is how long the band's deal with AFM lasted as well. The group left the label after one record. The band was featured in Close-Up magazine’s freely inserted compilation New Wave Of Swedish Heavy Metal before its next album emerged in 2012. Metal Blade had signed Ram in late 2011 although the Death album was penned and completed in 2010. Death, which contained a trilogy in its first three songs, contained a bonus DVD of the band at Keep It True 2010. The group also took the time to play shows with Watain. The band had moved on to Metal Blade. Tobbe Petterson was the bassist. Martin Jonsson joined in 2013, but the band had spent most of the year off on hiatus pondering whether to continue following the departure of guitarist Daniel Johansson. 2014 brought Under Command, which was a Ram/Portrait split where they also covered one another.

Rod’s B side was a concept regarding Ramrod The Destroyer. The Throne Within's title nodded to the lyrics for the song Titan from the Lightbringer album. It had been ten years since the Lightbringer album.

Ram was booked for the Metal Hammer Paradise 2021 festival. Trauma, Ross The Boss and Ram were touring Europe in May 2022. The band was also booked for the Metal Gods II festival. Ram was booked for Deaf Forever and Skulls Of Metal XXII in 2024.

The band has a ram mascot and sounds closest to Armored Saint or Sword. The group's fan club was called Infuriators. Singer Carlquist is a band manager.