Voice Of The Wilderness – 2009 – Inferno
War Behest – 2012 – Inferno
3Apeba – 2013 – Metal Industries
Codex Metalum – 2016 – Iron Shield
WWII: Memories For The Future – 2021 - Sleaszy Rider

Rampart image
G= Yavor Kamenov – F.A.C.E., Project Arcadia>>Villy Neshev>>F.A.C.E., Project Arcadia – Victor Georgiev>>John Steel, The Beginning Of The End – Rare breed>>YAVOR DESPOTOV>>Rare Breed – Axecutor>>Sebastian Agini>>Axecutor, Many More
B= Yavor Kamenov – Slav De Hren, 17.XII, F.A.C.E.>>Svilen Ivanov>>F.A.C.E. – Rare Breed>>Alexander “Sashe” Spiridonov>>Rare Breed - Slav De Hren, 17.XII, F.A.C.E.>>Svilen Ivanov>>F.A.C.E.
D= Borislav Glavev – Ciroza, The A.X.E. Project, Demenzia, Dark Soul Architects>>Peter Svetlinov>>Ciroza, Demenzia, Dark Soul Architects – 4th Legacy, Enjoy Sarma>>STEFAN MIJALKOVIC>>4th Legacy, Enjoy Sarma

Rampart is a heavy metal band active since the year 2006. Based out of the capital city Sofia, the band issued a 2008 demo called Warriors. This lead to the debut album, Voice Of The Wilderness. Bassist Alexander “Sashe” Spiridonov was with the group from 2009 to 2010, 20113 to 2016 and returned in 2018. A Tale To Cold was a 2012 EP. The group played shows in the UK. Svilen Ivanov was added on bass. He left in 2014, returned in 2016 and left again in 2018. Peter Svetlinov was on drums. War Behest was a concept album dubbed a ‘metal opera’ by the band. Codex Metalum featured him on drums, but Svetlinov had a heart attack and died in 2016. The band played at Wacken in 2017, opened for Ross The Boss and also opened for Anvil in Europe in 2018. Rampart and Anvil had opened for UDO in 2016. Georgiev returned in 2018. Sleaszy Rider signed the band in 2020. A new album emerged in 2021. The band also announced a Live At Wacken DVD.


Perhaps it is not a surprise but originality and strong production is not a feature of Voice Of The Wilderness. These Bulgarians play simple heavy metal, not the most dated ever but not exactly very modern sounding either. Under Control opens up acoustically and is a simple straightforward song, heavy metal not far from the German version. Blind Guardian is a name that comes to mind. Warriors is again simplistic with the complexity being provided by guitar solos that are reminiscent of Dragonforce. The title track is the same, a decent if unoriginal attempt at European heavy metal. The Flood is more up-tempo with slightly higher pitched vocals and a touch or two of Helloween. Desert Of Time showcases a bit of Iron Maiden. Orchrist continues on the same path, its somewhat anthemic middle section aside. Age Of Steel starts acoustically yet again and mostly stays that way with a hint of folk. Mirror To Dreams has a commercial hard rock/pop-ish feel. Stay Aside closes this debut full length with one more acoustic start and more Helloween-like fun. - Anna Tergel