The Vermin Shrine – 2018 – Loud Rage

Rancorum image
S= Funeral Baptism, Cruish-Nir, Contraband X>>RAVAGER [LIVIU USTINESCU]>>Contraband X

G= NICK PARASCHIV – Apa Simbetii>>CALIN NICOLAU>>Apa Simbetii


D= Gigi Budulica

History & Biography
This death metal band was founded by drummer Gigi and guitarist Nick in 2014 and issued an album in 2018. The band used G, N, L, C and T as its names.

Drummer Gigi Budulica left in 2019 was replaced by Alex Gabriel in 2020. The band announced a show with Gerrar for late 2021.


The Romanian quintet's debut is six songs and 36 minutes long. The first impression is that of a heavy Swedish death metal sound made by the likes of God Among Insects. Owing to the production the full sound provides a pointed bass sounding start to The Vermin Shrine. The first song, Voidifcation, changes pace little from this big sound. Nick and Calin on guitars along with Tiberiu on bass leave a better mark than Liviu on vocals and Gigi on drums. Jungle Rot can be mentioned as the American influence on Rancorum. Bedlam Of Saints moves along faster. Nadiral advises the listener to Explore the uproar...Outpour the turmoil. The mostly heavier rather than faster is interrupted in short sections. The variation never strays enough to make the song lose its impact. The Shining (beware of copyright claims!) is Grave style death metal. Two seven minutes long songs close out this album. The first is called Towards Below, the sound as heavy as ever and the lyrics as ever distrusting the church and the world. The band declare that the black hole of humanity is near and that there is no tomorrow. The second is the title track and it starts with a bass track and is perhaps reminiscent of Morbid Angel. Owing to their lengths the last two songs do include slight variety but Rancorum is primal death metal, as the bio and band claim. The CD booklet unfolds to a fiery mini poster. – Anna Tergel