Randomised – 1990 – Metal Enterprises
Body Games – 1991 – Metal Enterprises
Hate Us – 1993 – Metal Enterprise
Homeless – 1995 – Major Oak
Reloaded – 2010 - Blueline
Midnight Rock And Roller – 2020 – Steel Breaker

Random image
S= Thomas “Neu” Rothes – Olle B. Stardust – Jack In The Box>>Frank Fabry>>Solo – Nightmission, Solo, D’Orca>>ENRICO PALAZZO>>Solo, D’Orca

G= Zenith>>Kai Ulrich – Andy Kocks – Alf Von Mettwurst – MICHI CLASSEN – Running Wild, D’Orca, Wild Knight>>Majk Moti [Michael Kupper]>>D’Orca, Wild Knight

B= Folko Canter – Alien Power>>Carsten Batge>>Alien Power, Carbid!, Queen Of Distortion


K= Peter Hagmann

History & Biography
The band was founded in West Germany in 1983. The band issued a demo called We’ll Be With You in 1985. It took another five years before another demo was issued. This one was called Heavy Roll. Metal Enterprises was the label that picked the hard rockers up and issued its debut album. Hate Us was a live record whose name made a break from the standard live album title. Alf Von Mettwurst had replaced Ulrich. Stardust fronted the band. Frank Fabry was the singer on Homeless and Carsten was on bass. An EP called Sex did not feature any on its cover in 1998. It all went dark until Reloaded, the appropriately titled album of 2010. This album featured a keyboard player. A follow-up appeared ten years later. The year was 2020 now. The band featured veteran and founder Fred Nietenpapst Otto now as a statement on its cover. More importantly, three Metallian Towers’ serfs adorned the cover of the album.

A few claim the band does not exist. A few claim the band does exist, but is the worst act in the world. The band states that its goal is to be the first to play on the moon.