Invisible – 2008 – Bullroser
Grieve No More – 2018 – Rock’N’Growl

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Essence Of Sorrow, Magic Kingdom, Adagio, Epicrenel, Panorama>>CHRISTIAN PALIN>>Essence Of Sorrow, Magic Kingdom, Adagio, Epicrenel, Panorama

Mehida>>Olli Tanttu>>Mehida – Heikki Paananen

Cruciferae, Recidivus, Renascent, Worship Factory>>Voitto Rintala>>Renascent

Essence Of Sorrow, Wingdom, Mehida>>Markus Niemispelto>>Overnight Sensation

History & Biography
Hard rockers Random Eyes have been a formation since 1999 and issued albums sporadically. White metal by nature, Eyes Ablaze was the 2003 demo. It featured singer Palin’s wife Katja Stefanovic Palin. Random Eyes played at Night Of Power festival in Germany in 2005. Living For Tomorrow was the 2007 demo. A debut album was created through a Finnish label in 2008. The band played European shows with Seventh Angel and Powerwolf in 2010. Then it was back to demoland and 2011’s Light Up. This recording featured drummer Rolf Pilve of Essence Of Sorrow, Reversion and Stratovarius. Uruguayan/Finnish singer Palin himself was busy with France-based Adagio until being booted out in 2010. Adagio noted that Palin had psychological problems and messed up his last show as well. It took until 2018 for a follow-up, which was Grieve No More. The band was Christian Palin, who also produced, and a number of studio musicians at this point. A US show was announced for 2019. The boys uploaded a song called Divide Et Imperia in 2020.



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