Rape Pillage & Burn image
S= Infernal Oak, Divine Eve>>MICHAEL A. SLEAVIN>>Divine Eve

G= Infernal Oak>>Geoffrey Sawicky>>Absu, The Black Moriah

B= Damnation, Unanimated, General Surgery, Carbonized, Dismember, Satyricon, Dark Funeral, Murder Squad, Born Of Fire>>RICHARD CABEZA>>Unanimated, Dismember, Born Of Fire

D= Infernal Oak, Divine Eve>>MATT KILLEN>Divine Eve

History & Biography
Where else would a band called Rape Pillage & Burn hail from other than USA? Although the newly American Richard Cabeza was also involved having met his new homeland presumably. These nice gentlemen were active for a dozen years before their sole EP appeared after a year of delay courtesy of Ibex Moon Records in 2009. It was called Songs Of Death… Songs Of Hell.

Perhaps coincidentally, Abomination, which was on Nuclear Blast Records alongside Dismember, had a song called Murder Rape Pillage And Burn on its 1990 album.



Rape Pillage & Burn