The Exile – Test Your Metal - 2016
Enders Door – Test Your metal - 2017

Rapheumets Well image
S= Spine Extraction>> Tripp King>>Infinite Paradox –I.E>> Jeb Laird>>I.E. – Carving The Architect>>Annette Greene

G= Spine Extraction>>Daniel Presnell>>Xael – Ralph ‘Rafumet’ Barnette – Carving The Architect>>HUNTER ROSS>>Olkoth – Brett Lee>>Ape Vermin, The Fibre

B= Jonathan Finney – I.E.>Jeb Laird>>I.E., Ape Vermin, Krvsade, The Fibre

D= Spine Extraction, Enthean, Xael, Olkoth>>NASSARU [JOSHUA WARD]>>Spine Extraction, Enthean, Xael, Olkoth

K= Annette Greene

History & Biography
This progressive band was Blue Man’s God for several years before adopting its new monicker in 2006. Blue Man’s God recorded, but did not release a demo. A self-titled demo appeared in 2007. ‘Well’ referred to gravity well and the ‘Rapheumet’ a deity that oversaw the Sovael universe.

The band went quiet until 2011 and 2012 demos and its 2014 concept demo, which narrated the story of Atai. These primordial engineers of life created and helped evolve mankind.

Test Your Metal Records next released the Hickory, NC, USA-based band’s The Exile album, which was set for release on March 18th, 2016. The band played several shows in Canada. Guitarist Ralph ‘Rafuemet’ Barnette died in 2016. The science fiction metal band issued an album called Enders Door through Test Your Metal Records in mid-2017. This was the third in the trilogy. Only Ross and Ward had survived the transition between the first and second albums. The act released The Elder’s Anthology in 2018.



Rapheumets Well