Futile – 2000 – Spikefarm
Songs For The Withering – 2002 - Spikefarm
Silent Stage – 2005 - Spikefarm

Rapture image
S= Adornment, Finntroll>>PETRI ESKELINEN>>Feastem, Finntroll, Psykoma – Diablerie, Agon Origin>>Henri Villberg>>Diablerie, Agon Origin, TKNKNTJ, Scorngrain, The Mist From The Mountains

G= Wintermoon, Shape Of Despair, Wanderer, Raven, Finntroll, Thy Serpent>>TOMI ULLGREN>>Finntroll, Thy Serpent, Wintermoon, Wanderer, Shape Of Despair, Raven, Impaled Nazarene, Diablerie, The Mist And The Morning Dew, Counting Hours – Raven, Shape Of Despair, Heaven In Shadows>>Jarno Salomaa>>Raven, Shape Of Despair, The Mist And The Morning Dew, Clouds, Counting Hours – Fragilehollow, Rain Paint>>Aleksi Ahokas>>Fragilehollow, Rain Paint

B= Jani Ohman – Prophet, Diablerie, Rain Paint>>Aleksi Ahokas>>Prophet, Diablerie, Rain Paint – Sami Hinkka>>Ensiferum, Atmosphere Enterprise, October Falls, Metal De Facto

D= Finntroll, Barathrum, Shape Of Despair>>Samu Ruotsalainen>>Finntroll, Barathrum, Shape Of Despair, Survivors Zero, Cumbucket, Mistralth, Coldbound

K= Sami Karttunen

History & Biography
Rapture was a Finland-based side-project that was active for roughly ten years beginning 1997. Broken Daydream was a 1998 demo. It was not sold or distributed and a few magazines and labels were the only ones to receive it.

Spikefarm picked up the act and issued an album called Futile in 1999. Relapse distributed in the USA in 2001. An album followed in 2002. Century Media distributed this in the USA in 2002. Henri Villberg was the second vocalist here and Sami had taken his keyboards home. No one distributed the third record in the USA. Pete Raatikainen joined on drums in 2007, Kimmo Tukiainen joined on guitar in 2008 and Iain Huntley joined on bass in 2007 and the band died. Aleksi Ahokas had left after an argument over a woman with Ullgren. Villberg left in December 2007 citing the desire to focus on his other projects.

The label proclaimed the release of Silent Stage with a declaration that the band is here to stay. Guitarist Ullgren joined Impaled Nazarene, which earlier had issued an album called Rapture.


Sometimes a CD finds itself in the hands of a reviewer who simply doesn't know what to say or do with it. There just isn't any inspiration to be had, and there isn't much worse one can declare about a piece of music, is there? Closing the gap between Sisters of Mercy-style depression and growl metal, the Finnish band (reportedly comprised of members of other Finnish bands) churns out tracks with names like While the World Sleeps and Someone I (don't) Know at average tempo. It could be that fans of doom or gothic sensibility like Katatonia will find charm in this, but this writer finds little to grasp on here to merit a recommendation. - Ali "The Metallian"