Albion Thunder – 2009 – Doomentia
High Voltage Festival Recorded Live July 2011 – 2011 – Concert Live
The Power – 2012 – Doomentia
Ravens Krieg – 2015 - Xtreem
Get Killed Or Try Dying – 2018 - Xtreem
Give War A Chance – 2021 – Metal Bastard/SPV

Ravens Creed image
One Haunted Kingdom, Orange Goblin>>Ben Ward>>Orange Goblin – Peacemaker, Satanic Dystopia, Cerebral Fix>>AL OSTA>>Peacemaker, Satanic Dystopia, Cerebral Fix

Cerebral Fix, Colostomy, Desecrator, Consumed, Helvis, Taken By Wolves, Iron Monkey>>STEVE WATSON>>Iron Monkey, Cerebral Fix

Hydra, Mystic Wytch, Sabbat, Return To The Sabbat>>Fraser Craske – Awaken, Keltic Jihad, Bull-Riff Stampede, Rift>>ROD BOSTON>>Keltic Jihad, Bull-Riff Stampede, Rift

Revenant Host, Skyclad, Return To The Sabbat, The Clan Destined, Rift, Wraith>>JAY GRAHAM>>The Clan Destined, Rift, Wraith

History & Biography
The band was founded by guitarist Steve Watson and drummer Jay Graham in 2006. A single called Militia Of Blood Sacrifice appeared a year later. Guitarist James Kiely was made redundant and the band became a quartet. The band announced a show in support of Turisas at the Kerrang! Awards and an appearance at Bloodstock. Another single was 2009’s Neon Parasite. Singer Al Osta joined in 2010. Ben Ward, who claimed his departure was owing to a lack of time, was briefly replaced by Stian “Iscariah” Smorholm supposedly permanently, but that placement lasted mere months. In advance of the line-up changes the band had announced an album called A Conspiracy Of…. There was also a Dommentia EP called Nestless & Wild, which was a play on words referring to Accept’s Restless And Wild album, in 2011.

Ravens Creed, a Venom-inspired band featuring former Sabbat bassist Frazer Craske, Orange Goblin’s Ben Ward, former Iron Monkey Steve Watson and Jason Graham, was in the studio to record its debut album, Albion Thunder, in early 2009. It was expected that summer. Ravens Creed’s Get Killed Or Try Dying was out through Xtreem Music on the2nd of August 2018. Give War A Chance was announced for Metal Bastard Enterprises.



Ravens Creed