We March Forward – 2013 – Eat Metal
The Cycle Never Ends – 2016 – Cruz Del Sur
A Stone Engraved In Red – 2019 – Cruz Del Sur

Ravensire image
Perpetrator, Hellspike, Rage And Fire>>Rick Thor>>Perpetrator, Hellspike, Rage And Fire

Inquisitor, Leathersynn, Hellspike>>Ze Rockhard>>Inquisitor, Hellspike – NUNO MORDRED – Sannedrin, VS777, Bleeding Display, Rage And Fire>>MARIO FIGUEIRA>>Sannedrin, VS777, Bleeding Display, Rage And Fire

Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Axe Murderers, Ironsword, Perpetrator, Hellspike, Els Focs Negres, Rage And Fire>>Rick Thor>>Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Perpetrator, Hellspike, Els Focs Negres, Rage And Fire

Drakkar>>F [Francisco Machado] – Midnight Priest, The Unholy, Vurmo, Nagasaki Sunrise>>ALEX FONSECA>>Midnight Priest, The Unholy, Vurmo, Nagasaki Sunrise

History & Biography
The band dissolved in 2020 after nine years of activity When Thor left the act in 2020. Nuno Mordred and Rick Thor had been jamming for several years prior to the official formation however. The singer to start was Ze Gomes. The band’s first release was the Iron Will EP of 2012. The debut full-length was issued by Eat Metal Records. These were both recorded in the band's rehearsal space. The Cycle Never Ends featured the White Pillars trilogy. Drummer F left due to personal problems in 2016. Witches Brew issued a single called Tyrant’s Dictum in 2017. Cruz Del Sur could not release it at the time. Zé RockHard left due to personal issues and Mário took his place.
,br /> A Stone Engraved In Red contained a track called After The Battle, which was a tribute to the late Mark Shelton of Manilla Road. The band was announced for the Up The Hammers Festival in 2020, but that was cancelled. Guitarist Mario had already cancelled his own trip due to an issue with his father. The band announced a 2020 split single with Silver Machine as its final act after Rick Thor announced his departure.

The band has fun by recreating riffs from its older songs and choosing newer titles from lyrics of older tracks.