Feral Evolution – 2017 - Sliptrick
Welcome Mass Hysteria – 2018 – Punishment 18
After The Storm… The Fire – 2020 – Punishment 18

Razgate image
S= Legionem>>GIACOMO BURGASSI>>Legionem

G= Francesco Martinelli - Legionem>>GIACOMO BURGASSI>>Legionem - Inside Mankind, Damness>>FRANCESCO MONACI

B= Inside Mankind, Chronic Insane>>NICCOLÒ OLIVIERI

D= Focus Indulgens, Spartacus>>Edoardo Natalini>>Focus Indulgens – Tuchulcha, Necromorbid, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Violentor>>IAGO BRUCHI>>Tuchulcha, Necromorbid

History & Biography
A thrash metal group, Razgate was founded in 2011 and out came Countdown To The End EP in 2014. Sliptrick issued the band’s Feral Evolution debut album in late 2017. There was a video for the track Psychopathic Control. The next album was only out a year later, but it was already on a new label. The group opened for Assassin in Italy in 2019. Edoardo Natalini was not on After The Storm...