White Fear Chain>>REALM>>White Fear Chain - USA

Endless War – 1988 – R/C
Suiciety – 1990 – R/C

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S= Firing Squad, Fallout>>Mark Antoni

G= Fallout>>Paul Laganowski >>Victims Of Voodoo – Fallout, Morta Skuld, Decapitado>>TAKIS KINIS>>Morta Skuld, Decapitado

B= Zebulon Pike, Awaken, Bastard Saint, The Wolf Council>>STEVE POST>>Zebulon Pike, Awaken, Bastard Saint, The Wolf Council

D= Blood Hunt, Cutthroat, Decapitado, Megaton Blonde>>MIKE OLSON>>Cutthroat, Decapitado, Megaton Blonde

History & Biography
Realm was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in 1985 and specialized in semi-technical power and speed metal. Takis Kinis and Paul Laganowski had taken their guitars to Realm from Fallout. Perceptive Incentive was demo 1985 and Final Solution was from 1986. Roger Gottfried was on bass and Mike Stix was on drums. Steve Post took over the bass for the second demo. Doug Parker was the singer. In-between the demos the band opened for Megadeth and WOW locally. Parker was turfed when Roadrunner in The Netherlands expressed a dislike for his vocals. The band would also claim the singer was too coked up. In came Mark Antoni of Fallout to satisfy the label. Ironically, Antoni’s departure to focus on Firing Squad, and another group on the verge of a record deal that never happened, from Fallout featuring the guitarists had been that act’s demise. The band’s line-up was stable from here on except the band pretended it had garnered a new drummer and ‘Stix’ was gone.

The band signed with R/C imprint of Roadrunner in the USA when, in fact, the initial interest and correspondence was with the European head office and included a Beatles’ cover for obvious reasons, which was issued as a single. Roadrunner loved the commercial potential of the cover version.

Suiciety was the second record and the end of the band’s two-album deal. Roadrunner had not picked up the additional options. Shows with Annihilator and Reverend followed. The band issued a 1992 demo and had unfinished material meant to be shopped around. The band changed its monicker at this juncture and became White Fear chain. As is typical with these name changes, the new act had less success than the previous one. The new band, with the new singer, threw in the towel in 1997.

Paul Laganowski died of pancreatic cancer in 2017. 2019 inevitably brought the band back and had it inducted into something called WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Hall Of Fame. Paul Terrien was on second guitar. The band played at the Blades Of Steel festival in 2022.