Void – 1997 - Repulse
The Beginning Of The End – 2015 - Xtreem

Reincarnation image
S= Javi

G= Javi – Holocaust, Wieland 13>>PEDRO ASCACIBAR>>Wieland 13

B= Holocaust>>Tijeras – Morales

D= Simon

History & Biography
Active between 1993 and 1999, Spain-based death metal group Reincarnation did as every other band and reformed, in their case in 2004. Early singer was Diego and early bassist was Juanfe. The latter left due to illness. Javi took over the vocals as well. Tijeras joined on bass in 1995. Repulse Records had released the Seeds Of Hate EP that was, in fact, the group’s debut demo. This lead to the Void album of 1997. Morales was on bass. The group appeared on the 1st Repulsive Festival video.

The band returned, issued a demo, was supposed to work with a local label that did not happen, went dark again and signed with Repulse’s successor Xtreem. The new CD was supported through a video called The Reflection Of Hate, whch appeared in 2017. The label also re-issued the early works. The 2018 EP, called Eternal Hymns, was available through Base Record Production.