Raping Whores – 1998 - Eaststar
Faireless To The Flesh – 1999 – Perverted Taste
Butchered In Excrement – 2001 – Perverted Taste
Blood Spilled – 2003 – Perverted Taste
Endless Sea Of Loss – 2006 – Morbid
Fierce – 2009 – Metal Age
Resurrected – 2017 – Metal Age

Resurrected image
S= Carsten Scholz – Hate Factor, Grind Inc., Crikey, Misanthrope Monarch>>CHRISTOPH MIEVES>>Grind Inc., Misanthrope Monarch

G= Grind Inc.>>THOMAS GRANZOW>>Grind Inc.

B= Stefan Bays – Battlesword, December Flower, Nyktophobia>>BEN BAYS>>Battlesword, December Flower, Nyktophobia

D= Michael Scholz - Deadly Creation, Skullbreaker>>Hazim Fouad>>Skullbreaker, Maximize Bestiality – Vermis, Ravage, Brutal Unrest, Prostitute Disfigurement, Pestlegion, Kinski>>DENNIS THIELE>>Brutal Unrest, Prostitute Disfigurement, Pestlegion, Kinski

History & Biography
This deathgrind band altered its monicker in 1993 and issued the Darkside Of Reality (1994), Sinner Of An Unable God (1995), The Lament Configuration (1996) and Rising Of The Dead (1997) demos. The band was planning to tour with Broken Hope, but the Americans could not afford to travel to Europe at that time. A 7” single, called Bloodline was issued by in 1997. The act was a trio of singer Carsten Scholz, guitarist Thomas Meyer and drummer Michael Scholz. Next came the sexy release, Raping Whores, through Eaststar Records. Thomas Granzow was on guitar and bass now. The band and label parted ways after the group complained of financial and distribution problems despite having signed for three records.

Sexual gratification was never far from the band’s mind so with a Perverted Taste contract in hand the group released its debut album Faireless To The Flesh in 1999. The act appeared at Milwaukee Metal Fest XIV in 2000. There was a split release for the band and Fleshgrind called Live In Germany/Live At Fuck The Commerce III in 2002. The material stemmed from the year 2000. The band’s 2006 live DVD, Stillborn Penetration, which presented another sexy cover featured material from concerts at NRW Deathfest and Party.San.

Endless Sea Of Loss was on Morbid Records. Ben Bays had replaced his older brother Stephan Bays. Adriano Ricci (Grind Inc. and Night In Gales) was the session drummer as Michael had left due to health and personal reasons suddenly. This had resulted in the band working up drums last minute and beginning recordings without someone at the back. The group announced concerts with Deranged. Fierce was on Metal Age Productions. Hazim Fouad was on drums now. The CD was recorded at Catacomb Productions. In the interim, Morbid Records had gone belly up. The band and label had signed for two records. Morbus was a 2012 EP through Godeater Records. Singer Carsten Scholz left after 20 years of sweat and toil. His replacement was in Grind Inc. with Thomas Granzow. Penetrance Of Terror was a 2015 EP through Dark Force Entertainment. Dennis Thiele had joined on drums. A self-titled record was back on Metal Age. Like most Resurrected releases it included a cover version. The act was booked for the Dortmund Deathfest 2023 for that year’s summer.


There is a reason this album’s cover is all red. Endless Sea Of loss is going to make you bleed. Big fan of death metal, are you? Like it as fast and heavy as it gets? Dig the deep growled vokills? Then check out the new album by Germany’s Resurrected. It doesn’t get more brutal than this. Be it the thick production that pummels the body, the sound of a pig at the trough substituting for vocals, the blasting drums and the grinding riffs this band has it all. Titles like Seducer Of Mankind, ...And She Loves It Anal, Until You Kill Yourself and my number one track An Obseding End completely and utterly crush. It is like a noise revolution in the ears.
Other bands might slow down occasionally; think about diversifying or wimp out after a couple of albums, but real death metal fans will sleep easier knowing that Resurrected is out there. - Anna Tergel