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Tampa’s Resurrection is one of Florida death metal’s less known bands despite issuing an album called Embalmed Existence through Nuclear Blast Records in the mid-'90s. The band is back - is anyone not back? - with a four-song demo while claiming to be in negotiations for a new record deal and a 2008 full-length. The band’s new biography claims that, “Resurrection was officially Resurrected to continue where they left off, delivering a hellish crossfire of blistering, brutal, gut-ripping death metal..." In fact, the band was done in partly because of the odd samples in-between its songs and a silly cover of Kiss the debut album, but more importantly by how it drastically changed its style to a far less brutal style for its recorded and proposed second album for Nuclear Blast. This fact contradicts the new biography. The new album, however, is replete with heaviness, brutality and death metal hallmarks. Unfortunately, and quite surprising for a band of this age, is that the four songs clone Obituary’s signature style without shame. As fun and pleasurable as listening to this material is the derivative nature of the assault is surely detrimental to Resurrection’s future. The vocals of Paul Degolyer literally scream Tardy. Is he positioning himself for something perhaps? The music is well produced, thick and advanced. The patented Obituary riffs are everywhere. The drumming is perhaps the weakest link coming across as one-handed beats rather than rhythmic playing. The solos on the songs are quite welcome however. Should Resurrection be appearing live as promised in 2008 and issuing an album we will be hearing a lot more of this bunch next year. In the meanwhile, head over to or e-mail the band through - Ali “The Metallian”