Timeline - 2017 - FC Metal
Overlord - 2019 - WormHoleDeath

REVEAL image
S= Powerdrive, Scientific, Molten Trail, Barque Of Dante, The Chronicles Project, Salvation’s End, The Midgard Project, Epilog, Mentalist, Echosoul, Ardarith, Artificial Eden>>ROB LUNDGREN>>Powerdrive, Scientific, Molten Trail, The Chronicles Project, The Midgard Project, Epilog, Mentalist, Echosoul, Ardarith, Artificial Eden

G= Nörthwind, Darksun>>TINO HEVIA [CONSTANTINO HEVIA TORANO]>>Darksun - Darksun>>DAVID FIGUER>>Darksun

B= Last Days Of Eden, Teksuo>>JORGE RUIZ>>Teksuo

D= WarCry, Relative Silence, Edén, Darksun, Enuma Elish>>DANIEL CABAL

K= Relative Silence, Nörthwind, Darksun>>ELENA PINTO

History & Biography
This act with a keyboard player features a Swedish YouTube singer-for-hire, but is based in Spain. Interestingly, another band called Reveal operated out of Sweden. Reveal was put together by Switzerland born Tino Hevia, one of the founders and composers of Darksun and Nörthwind.He recruits different guest musicians to contribute consistently.

The group signed a deal with WormHoleDeath for the worldwide release of its Overlord album. The album was out in the summer of 2019.

The band signed with Art Gates Records in 2023. The group had announced previously that Ripper Ownes would be a guest on the song Metal Messiah.