Deathevokation - 2012 - F.D.A.
Manifested Darkness - 2013 - F.D.A.
Death Kult Legions - 2014 - Cyclone Empire
Emissary Of All Plagues - 2016 - Cyclone Empire
Live From The Crypts Of Horror - 2017 - Raw Skull
The Hour Of The Avenger - 2019 - War Anthem

S= Immortal Rites, Heads For The Dead, Rotpit, Metal Against Coronavirus>>HAUBERSSON [RALF HAUBER]>>Heads For The Dead, Rotpit, Metal Against Coronavirus

G= Hacksore, Deathvastation>>HERRMANNSGARD [FABIAN HERRMANN]>>Deathvastation - Apophis, Dawn Of Dreams, Rotten Pope, Svenson>>MAGGESSON [MARCUS KÖCHL]>>Apophis, Dawn Of Dreams, Rotten Pope, Svenson

B= Deathvastation>>Gotzberg [Sebastian Götz]>>Deathvastation - JONASSON

D= Nordwind, Nocti Vagus, Totenreich, Graven, Chaosreign>>Vogtsson [Andreas Vogt]>>Nekrovault - DarkSoul, XES, Rotpit>>HENRIKSSON [HENRIK POSINGIS]

History & Biography
Revel In Flesh was founded in southern Germany in 2011. Haubersson’s band Immortal Rites was falling apart. He and Maggesson banded together and also used several older Immortal Rites’ unused riffs. F.D.A Records already released the Deathevokation album in 2012. The band was only Maggesson and Haubersson at this stage. Everyone used an alias. Dan Swanö, who had worked with Immortal Rites, mastered the record under his civil name. The band’s first concert was with Paganizer and Goregast in May 2012. The band also appeared at Party San Open Air in 2012. Revolting and Revel In Flesh issued a split called Within The Morbid Ossuary, which became one of several for the band. The band had gained a full line-up already after having the three other members as concert musicians initially. A mini-tour with Puteraeon ensued.

Manifested Darkness took over in 2013. Dan Swanö mixed and mastered. Grave Wax and Revel In Flesh had a split release. Another one of several was with The Dead Goats. Death Kult Legions was a full-length however. It appeared on Cyclone Empire. The band played with Drowned, Ravencult and Deathronation in March 2015. Revel In Flesh and Swedish act Wombbath united for a split record in 2016. Revel In Flesh’s Casket Ride song was recorded at Maggesson’s Vault M. Studio and mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound. Live From The Crypts Of Horror was a live album recorded in Stuttgart, Germany earlier in 2017. Vogtsson and Vogtsson left and handed the band its first departures in an otherwise stable line-up. The 2018 compilation Relics Of The Deathkult rought the band’s split recordings and cover versions together and placed aspects of previous cover artworks on its own front side. The group was playing several concerts with fellow Germans, Fleshcrawl. Henriksson debuted here.

The Hour Of The Avenger was on a new label again. Graceless and Revel In Flesh had a split 7” in 2021. The pandemic cancelled multiple 2021 concerts. The band played several concerts in late 2022. These included a mini-tour with Soulburn, One Night Over The Abyss 3 and Rock Am Wehr. A concert in Leipzig earlier was cancelled. The group was booked for the Heidelberg Deathfest in early 2023. The band was working on a new record.

Revel In Flesh was the name of an early Nihilist/Entombed track. Unsurprisingly, the band specialises in Swedeath and has picked aliases that sound Swedish. Each album must include a cover version.