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No, no and no; despite what the album title might lead you to believe, the new eleven-tracker from Denmark's five piece has nothing to do with Meshuggah. This is in all probability the best way to celebrate the new year: a great album from an experienced band which has just churned out one great slab of thrashing metal death. Mighty Music has churned out a winner. Best described as a cross between death and thrash metal, Sacrificial sound as Obituary would have were they into what they were playing. Guttural vocals, tormenting guitars and a competently loud drumming couple here with the Midas touch of producer Jacob Hansen to yield an album that is sure to be a hit with fans of extremity everywhere. Best case in point is album closer Ethnic Cleansing, where amidst a torrent of heavy, and I mean heavy, musical action the band shred their instruments to pieces - not to mention manic front man John who sounds as if he's singing as if his life depended on it. This one is a barn burner all around and one that The Underground Review has no qualms recommending. - Ali "The Metallian"

Fun fun fun! One of Denmark's longest-standing metal bands delivers more action-packed thrash and death inspire by Obituary vocally. The first thing that hits the listener with Autohate is the loud sound. The big sound propels the band's bashing music forward. You would think Jacob Hansen must be involved somewhere here. He is. He has mixed and mastered Autohate. The second thing is the maple leaves strewn in the album's jacket. Does Sacrificial hate Canada? Did Bryan Adams steal their girlfriends? Perhaps Celine Dion made them vomit? Hey don't hate Canada! We hate her too! Then there is the artsy dead thing on the cover, who knows?
Sacrificial has virtually automated the Autohate routine. Chalk one up for fans of chunky, loud and high-energy deathrash.


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