Satanic Or Evil Bands And Songs That Are Not Metal

An infographic featuring evil songs and bands that are not heavy metal – 12.2022

Heavy metal, and its sub-genres, have often been called Satanic, anti-religious and intolerant of monotheism. These assertions are probably correct. Although to be fair, there are many misconceptions. Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath is often seen sporting a crucifix. The song is called Shout At The Devil and not Shout With The Devil. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider is a self-professed practicing Christian. The singer for Slayer is a Catholic.

The assertion that at least one branch of heavy metal is Satanic is obviously correct of course. Black metal is the sub-genre dedicated to Satanism. With that said, as mentioned, one cannot paint the entire genre with the same brush. There are many examples of non-metal groups and their respective songs that approvingly deal with the devil. In fact, it could be said any song from any genre that detracts its listeners from God and a house of worship is in the employ of the devil. These deliverers of music and art divert money, time and mindshare away from mainstream religions and their gods.

Entire non-metal acts lurk with evil and have espoused the opposite of God, religion and mainstream worship. Anton LaVey, the founder of Church Of Satan, was a musician himself. Psychedelic 1960s and 1970s’ band Coven, Diamanda Galas, The Electric Hellfire Club, Cake and Garbage on the song As Heaven Is Wide, among many others, have sung of evil perhaps approvingly.

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