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This is an average release exactly because there are multiple above average qualities to be heard here and there are simultaneously multiple feeble characteristics incorporated into the music. Setoml is comprised of two musicians, singer Krivoviaz Serge and multi-instrumentalist DeMort. Reincarnation is the duo’s first album as Setoml, but a mature and tight one for an act founded in 2018 as the guys have experience with their other acts. Unfortunately, the duo’s other bands include the false metal variety, which includes synthesizers, violins, female vocals and the works. It is a flaw that seeps into Setoml.
The backbone and main structure of the songs on Reincarnation are of power and extreme metal variety. The sound is harsh, the vocals brutal, gasping for breath and growled. The guitars ring heavily and whether like the majority of time strumming at the mid-pace or speeding up going into overdrive the drums rattle independently ahead. These drums do the syncopated guitars favours because they have more power than the average clicky modern drum sound. They are not drums with the biggest and most powerful of muscles, but beat the clicky rattle of most modern acts.
The best tracks here are those like In The Cold Eyes, which sideline the monotonous synthesizers. The tracks with synthesisers seek to compensate for a lack of music, solos and riffs with a filler sound. Thousands Shimmering Souls is an example of a track that was horrific and rough, but saddled with a repetitious keyboard. The vocals are one note lower than elsewhere. By The Dark Late offers some monkish humming on top of the deathly growls and blasting drums. Night Dance is appropriately titled with its synthesizers.
In essence, Setoml is a band that could, but chooses not to or to do it half-assed. It deliberately waters down its music. – Ali “The Metallian”