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If this is the face of the new European glam scene then there is a lot to like. Let’s take it from the top guys, shall we? Silver Dirt is four young Swiss lads with the looks, image and long hair that is a pre-requisite for good rock, although one shouldn’t forget the music. Every one of the band’s thirteen songs is a winner. The songs have the riffs that would stand up to anybody. The leads are dirty and the vocals as sleazy as they come. Most bands could only manage so many songs before the tracks take a nosedive, but Sonic Boom is just that. With influences as diverse as Led Zeppelin, Motörhead, The Ramones, AC/DC, Faster Pussycat and Thin Lizzy Silver Dirt has every ingredient needed to be the next big thing on the hard rock scene. Some of my favourite songs are Wasted Dream and its sing-along section, the slow and groovy Freedom Haven, Zeppelin-esque Angel With Silver Wings which goes over seven minutes and She’s Got To Be, which could have come from The Ramones. Room 666, ironically, is an all-out punk rock song. Guess what you guys need to do??? Contact the band through or visit - Sheila Was Det

Silver Dirt is a Swiss hard rock band whose demo was reviewed a couple of years ago for Metallian by this girl. The band has managed to grab a deal in the meanwhile and the result is Never Give Up. The cover is really cool. The band’s instruments are shown off and give a picture of a cool act that is concentrated on the essentials. The music though has somehow lost its lustre. What the band needs is a little more energy and rock attack. The four good-looking long hairs start of well. Somebody Help Me has the exact same guitar tone as Def Leppard on High 'N Dry. The vocals are nasal and show attitude. The material though soon become void of energy and swagger. Some Def Leppard, Hanoi Rocks and AC/DC is there and always a good thing, yet what is with the autopilot? Worse, songs like Forever Shine are just plain pop songs. What happened to the energy and power? It is not all bad honestly and downright catchy sometimes, but the band is letting everyone down here. Silver Dirt should rock harder next time (after all, the title tells us there will be many more to come). - Sheila Wes Det


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