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Ever heard a band and fancied knowing things about them or guessed their circumstances only to later find out everything was precisely wrong? It happened to me with Six Magics. The band is a new name for me and everything imagined turned out to be off by a metal mile.
The singer came across as a man with an effeminate voice - the type European power metallers are known for. In fact, shame on me, having heard the album four times at least it never dawned on me that the band has a female singer, which it does. Next, the band’s origin. My only question was whether they are Finnish or Italian. It turned out that they are from Chile. The case of the mistaken origin was partly due to the band’s sound and partly due to the production. Behind The Sorrow has a clear and crisp sound that is usually the domain of Europe. And speaking of mistakes, this one could be yours. It might be called Behind The Sorrow, but this is what they call, European power metal - yucky keyboards and all - and absolutely no doom moments. None. The drumming impressive though.
In several ways, it is an extra crying shame that the band uses synthesizers. The simple structures and likeable poppy vocals would have bridged the metal gap for many maintreamers, but this can’t really be metal when it all comes down to it. That aside, this is pretty easy listening. The lyrics are somewhat unique however. Run talks about 9/11 and the conspiracy theories surrounding it. They is a relationship story with a unique and candid approach. It’s Not The Way starts like a famous ELO hit. Once you hear it, you will know. Also present are ballads, rockers and a symphonic synthesizer interlude. If that sounds like your cup of tea... - Anna Tergel


Six Magics