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Despite my best wishes for this, or any other upstart, label, it is impossible to like the album of Swedish youngsters, Sonic Syndicate. It is not the cheesy band name, the clichéd image (you know, faded jeans, skater hair cut, girl with tank top, etc) or the label’s silly pun (although none of that helps). What kills this band is its cloned sound. No doubt a result of the impressionable young age of the kids manning the instruments in Sonic Syndicate, Eden Fire is a misguided rip off of everything the band thinks is cool, but is seriously not. Take the joke chorus popularized in Kerrang circles by In Flames, keyboards of Dark Tranquillity, lame and poppy rhythms and weak riffs of Soilwork and, voila, here comes Sonic Syndicate! At least, it might explain the band’s name. Eden Fire recreates everything the band last saw at a concert by the aforementioned wimp-outs. Totally derivative and unoriginal, this is not even metal. The richest man in Sweden is probably some guy selling cheap Casio toy keyboards from the back of his van (with Finnish plates) outside an In Flames concert to kids with age ranging from 5 to 16.
Can someone explain what the point of an album whose music has been done over and over by other bands is? - Ali “The Metallian”

Apparently, Sweden’s Sonic Syndicate made the jump to Nuclear Blast Records after winning a contest in which more than 1,500 bands had participated. It surely can’t be because of the slutty looking girl - bassist Karin Axelsson - in the line-up. Otherwise, holy hell, what did the other 1,499 bands sound like? Answer: they were probably much better and actually metallic which didn’t get them far. Evidently, the voters were a bunch of MTV hags with douche bags instead of brain. Of course, Nuclear Blast might have rigged the contest because of an extremely slutty looking girl.
Only Inhuman is a thoroughly In Flames-inspired abomination complete with meaningless choruses, catchy pop melodies, the incredibly unoriginal mix of screams and clean vocals and more keyboards than there is Bjorn Borg underwear in Stockholm. It is pathetic and clearly inspired by screamo emo crud a la In Flames, Soilwork and, on this album, Linkin Park. The band’s monicker was just explained.
Naturally, with the marketing power of Nuclear Blast and cooperation of the media (which had a hand in this band’s signing), this release will ship a few copies via chain stores. The group has already released two videos and been booked at every pay-to-play festival Europe has to offer. Sonic Syndicate will not go far beyond that however. The band’s music and vocals have already been heard on numerous other bands’ albums and the mallcore look has already been bypassed at high schools everywhere. This album might be Only Inhuman, but the band becoming old hat fast will, in fact, be only human. - Ali “The Metallian”


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