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What is it with these metal bands? At least, they must think it is metal; otherwise why would they want to be reviewed in Metallian? It is fine and dandy (in an aggravatingly annoying way, of course) to be 16 years old, be clueless about the essence of heavy metal and have keyboards... then top it off with hoarse impressions of drunken Vikings and so forth. It is not all right to line up six guys for a photo shoot and call it a metal band, unless the band has three guitarists damn it.
Having said that this French Canadian band playing misguided Scandinavian-style rock is as good (bad) as anything those silly bands with names like Myrkskog or Thyrfing produce. Bad luck though, if the band would move to Norway and change names to something like Mithestal Froiden or Erikk The Bluetooth then a contract or eight from Nukie Blast or Osmose would be expressly couriered. In the meanwhile, Mathieu, Hugo, Alexandre (he is the boy with the ivories) et al have to do with Konklav. There are several impressive riffs here, shades of Dissection on a song like The Doomed Message, cacophonous chaos on the song The Source and so on, but then the band kicks into its keyboard masterpiece or the drunken group chant and the whole thing goes down the drain. Let us not forget the drummer here either. Thor knows what he was listening to on his headphones while recording his parts. Maybe he just had the shakes, who knows?
Far from being influenced by black metal, Impaled Nazarene or anything that good and serious Sons Of Nihil is a ridiculously trendy pop band on a touristy sojourn in metallic realms. How soon will it be before the band members 'branch out' to 'pop' side projects playing ska or calypso? - Ali “The Metallian”


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