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Soulless, Soulburn, Soulstorm, Soul Reaper, Soulskinner and now Souldrainer... talk about 'soul music!' This particular Swedish bunch are new to the scene and to recording albums, but feature a few experienced Swedish metal hands from bands like Aeon, Sanctification, Defaced Creation and others which fully explains the quality riffs and deep compositions. Regretfully, the quintet has made a deal with the devil and ended up confusing metal with synth music. Sad, for there is some really good Edge of Sanity-like heavy metal to be found here. With a singer who sounds like a cross between Dan Swanö and Jan-Chris De Koeijer and music that could have felt at home on any Edge of Sanity album Reborn might have received a 70/100 grade here, but instead keyboards, the odd female opera moaner and clean vocals have been piled up onto the music. The song Daemon To Daemon is obviously influenced by My Dying Bride, which explains a couple of things. It is as if the band played back its music, decided it might actually make an impact out there and decided it prefers instant insignificance. The band’s music might have a slightly repetitious feel to it, but the cool riffing, loud chords and the roar of the singer Johan Klitkou are instantly discredited through the trendiness of the extraneous elements added. Indeed, the band might have subconsciously noted the same, for one album ends with a lullaby jingle and another is called Internal Suicide. That says it all. - Ali “The Metallian”