Despite the Italians’ formulaic name, album title and sound the album is still a good gamble for those of us who love brutal, crushing death metal. The growled vocals, chunky riffs, screaming tremolo, blasting drums and thick production are all here. This is mostly fast stuff, but on the last song (Too Dead To Fuck) the band sounds slightly like Cannibal Corpse and crushes to the sound of a woman moaning the whole way through. Good idea, if that is an exhumed or resurrected corpse. That must be great sex! Either way, the song’s idea gives new meaning to the name of the band’s record company. Injection Of Hate will appeal to fans of Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Torture killer and Dying Fetus. - Anna Tergel

The only knock against this release is that it is a mere EP, one of the five tracks is an intro and that not all the tracks are new with Too Dead To Fuck stemming from the Injection Of Hate album.
With that said the guitar lick on the title track says it all. This is the best EP released this year or next. Whether speed-oriented like Flood To The Ground or heavy-oriented like The Right To Kill this disc is an explosive slab of brutal death metal that will wipe the grin off the face of any but the most hardened and dedicated death metal fanatics. The song Stillborn is against faster yet incorporates some dissonant harmonics in the background. Too Dead To Fuck is both faster and heavier. The song nods to Cannibal Corpse and the hiss of the drums needs to sound better. With that said the production is fine and loud. This album will come into your audio system like an atomic bomb comes into an old house. The guitars cut like a knife and the drums will bury the weaker listener like a barrage of artillery. The vocals are bestial and the blasting heavier than heavy. Listen to a recording of Opeth fans in the background on Too Dead To Fuck.
The intro is not kidding around when it proclaims ‘destroy.’ Anyone who has enjoyed Disgorge (Mexico) or Carnal Decay or Cannibal Corpse will want this. Make it Stillborn if you buy one album this year. – Ali “The Metallian”

Luis Maggio is the beast fronting the ferocious death metal band Sudden Death. Following the band’s newest release, the Stillborn EP on Art Gates Records, Ali “The Metallian” invited the man to an interview to find out more. Luis turned out to be a sport, smart and cool in addition to being a serious musician. – 12.09.2018

METALLIAN: Congratulations on your impressive EP. The music is impeccable. Why does the EP have no clean vocals? Are you not aware that Soilwork is really hip?
LUIS: We have focused the vocal tracks on a style more classic in the death metal music, in such a way as to maintain the musical identity that characterizes Sudden Death since almost 21 years.

METALLIAN: Why does the EP have no female vocals? Don't you like going on tour and having someone to clean the tour bus and cook for you?
LUIS: In truth, every time we go on tour, we all try to be as little a messy as possible, but after several days we remember that we are five pigs; so the secret is: vent your mess on the van - if a band doesn’t travel with others - and be serious at the clubs. We don’t need a female vocalist, but for sure a sexy girl or woman available to travel with five hot pigs and to sell our stuff at the merchandise booth is needed.

METALLIAN: Ah, the old sales trick. Speaking of which, Sudden Death has been around for many years. Why is there so much blasting and brutality? Doesn't the band want to get girls to its concerts and have women in corsets come on stage and swim in corporate sponsored beer?
LUIS: (Laughs) I think that all the things you have listed would still be possible spreading our brutal music around the world. Maybe without the sponsored beer...

METALLIAN: Listening to the EP here at Metallian Towers the serfs and I still have not found the acoustic harmonies. Which song is it on? Surely, it is there because the band must have heard of In Flames, Back Street Boys and Metallica! Correct?
LUIS: In truth we are thinking to insert some melodies in the style of Beatles... when their songs are reproduced in reverse.

METALLIAN: Brilliant answer, Luis. Which song shows Sudden Death's 'sensitive side' where the members show that they have many influences like rap, jazz, melodeath and of course Bossa Nova?
LUIS: For sure the title track, Stillborn. It reminds me of when I was the fiancé of my psychopathic, jealous, possessive and obsessive ex-girlfriend and was composing the EP in that period. All my love and my sentimental side were contained in that song. I was amazed at myself because I didn’t write cacophonies in moments of anger, but next time I’ll try to do it for sure.

METALLIAN: She sounds like a catch and a lovely gal for sure. I am sure based on all your correct answers above your band can finally be featured in Kerrang, Metal Hammer/Louder and of course Classic Rock. Other than that what are Sudden Death's plans or next steps?
LUIS: We are composing the tracks for the new album. We want to offer our present and future listeners the best brutal sound that we can create. About our live activity, we just played in Rome with Cripple Bastards several days ago and have other good gigs in Italy with bands like Hour Of Penance and Nocturnal Depression. We’re organizing everything for the new season to play as much as possible in our country and out of Italy. Our goals are to reach up and to grow as a band and as a name as best as possible and to live through our music.

METALLIAN: Luis, let’s shift the questions and focus on the specific songs. Could you comment on the idea behind the intro?
LUIS: The first draft of the intro was created in the studio by Riccardo Studer of Time Collapse Recording Studio as a guest track and was changed and edited according to our ideas. The objective of this intro was the same of all the sound constructions of this EP i.e. to present brutal music with ultra-modern sounds.

METALLIAN: To be more specific regarding the intro is the Word “destroy” in its middle? As well, is that your voice on the intro?
LUIS: The voice that says “destroy” is not mine, but a sampled voice. You can hear my voice at the end of the intro saying “you are stillborn”.

METALLIAN: Riccardo produced the album. Is there a connection between Sudden Death and the man or was he simply the convenient choice? I ask because Riccardo is also a musician.
LUIS: Riccardo Studer and Alessio Cattaneo of Time Collapse Recording Studio mixed and mastered the EP. The songs’ instrumental parts and lyrics are all composed by me. About Riccardo, Stillborn was the first experience in studio working with him and at that time the convenient choice. We appreciate how his partner and colleague and he work and we’ll collaborate again with them in the future for sure.

METALLIAN: Sticking with the Stillborn EP, why include older songs on a new release?
LUIS: Right question! In fact Too Dead To Fuck is an old track from the Injection Of Hate, the second studio album released in 2004. That album was a real success with its songs, but the production was terrible. So we want to present one song from Injection Of Hate on each new album - all with modern sounds and ideas.

METALLIAN: That is different. Since the band and you are based in Italy let us fit in a question related to the country. Which one is the bigger criminal Conte, Trump, Burlesque(oni) or in Italy Burlusco-ni or Elisabeth Bathory?
LUIS: Silvio Berlusconi, Donald Trump and the fucking piece of shit of Matteo Salvini. All of them deserve the worst circle of hell, the one where the damned are immersed upside down in their own shit and vomit.

METALLIAN: Luis, you hit the nail on the head. Before we say good-bye and in your own words why is Metallian the world's best source for metal?
LUIS: Nice questions, a good compromise between irony and seriousness.

METALLIAN: Let us complete the conversation here. Feel free to add anything here. This space is for free propaganda.
LUIS: Thanks to for the opportunity for this very nice interview and don’t forget to follow Sudden Death on our official social networks pages:, @suddendeath_official on Instagram and to buy some nice stuff by checking out our official merchandise store at I am looking forward to the new works by Aborted, Bloodbath, Cryptopsy and Unleashed. Don’t forget that the new album of my other band Bloodtruth will be released on September 28th.

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