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Live albums are basically passé and a waste of time and money for all concerned in the age of ubiquitous video whether online or DVDs. For an underground band to issue a live album is akin to a director issuing his work on VHS. The audience will neither see the film in the best light nor find it accessible or appealing. Marduk recently pulled off a live album, but that was an exception, which did not automatically translate to sales figures or a higher profile for the band either. In short, new live albums are useless.
Suicidal Winds might be a good death/thrash entity, but not having a point of reference - having not heard the band’s studio output - and given the low quality recording here it is difficult to make a verifiable assessment. The songs are fast and undefiled and two cover versions are also included. Violent Force’s Sign Of Evil might be less known than Kreator’s Total Death, but including covers is a second strike against band and album. Astonishingly, Suicidal Winds has named this disc after the latter cover song. Odd decision, then again the group is named after a Celtic Frost song.
Total Death N’ Live was recorded live in Germany in 2006 and is strictly for diehard fans of the group. The band’s studio product is presumably a better bet for casual fans or those unfamiliar with the group. - Ali “The Metallian”

This is more like it! My first encounter with the hellish winds of suicide was through a live album, which certainly ended up being less than impressive. Chaos Rising is a better representation of the band and a raging listen too. Suicidal Winds is famous for being crazy, fast, in-your-face, quasi-racist and occasionally wasting time, but the end product here is a manic album packed with speed death metal. Ballade Of Death (no not a misspelling - apparently these guys pick up pig roast at a 'shoppe') and the 'Hidden Track' where the band’s bassist disqualifies himself from a deal with, I don’t know, Lion Music and Shrapnel Records at the same time aside everything one would expect from titles like Annihilation And Chaos, Death To All or Born To Hate come to pass. Impaled Nazarene meets Marduk and riffs like old Assassin with both fast and heavy riffing styles in attendance. And thank-you for the sharp guitar sound and leads too. - Ali “The Metallian”


Suicidal Winds