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Far from being the most nonconformist genre of music, heavy metal has in fact suffered from a long string of trends and copycat me-tooisms.
Who can forget the multiple meaningless or downright embarrassing trends that have at one time or another afflicted the heavy metal scene? Were it doing cover versions or recording dedicated covers’ albums, issuing B-side EPs, proclaiming love for hardcore punk over metal and to wearing shorts on and off the stage metal fans have seen and heard it all. The latest madness to hit the scene is the sheepish idea to re-record one’s own older songs. Never mind that nary a band can duplicate or match its original authenticity, feeling or power. From Iron Maiden putting a microphone in front of Bruce Dickinson to record Paul Di’Anno tunes to Testament and Dimmu Borgir rerecording entire albums or periods anew, this mania has now reached its tipping point. Beating Exodus to the punch, Tankard has recorded songs from its 1986 to 1995 era and compiled them unto Best Case Scenario: 25 Years In Beers. The usual excuses regarding better mix and sound quality apply here. Tankard, at least, can claim to now be the world’s biggest source for... Tankard cover versions!
As sad as this phenomenon is honesty necessitates the admission that Tankard’s re-recordings have, for once, truly worked out. It is not just the nostalgia of hearing these old favourites back on regular rotation at Metallian Towers either. Unlike its competition (hello Testament!) Tankard’s take on its older songs is full of life, power and punch. The quartet has put on its thrash metal hat and come to kill. With a sharp sound and so much energy that many a young band would die silly, songs like Zombie Attack, the speedy [Empty] Tankard or 666 Packs pack a punch. The hard thrashing is best apparent on Don’t Panic whose speed is unrivalled, the old favourite Chemical Invasion and the funny Beermuda whose drumming is stellar. Speaking of which, everything Tankard does is fun 'n games. Space Beer is a good example. The key, however, is that along with the amusement comes some dead serious ripping riffing and hard as hell vocals.
Beer must be the ultimate energy drink! - Ali “The Metallian”