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Is Terror 2000, as the band's moniker indicates, yesterday's news? Well, yes and no. The Swedes play thrash metal and do a competent job of it. There are reservations to be had though. Wasn't Faster Disaster an album title for fellow Swedes Maze Of Torment only four years ago? Elsewhere the lyric sheet informs the reader that its incompleteness is because, 'They got lost during some drunken nights.' Not very momentous and a cause for concern, one supposes, if the band wishes to appear on stage. Further, and as is the standard nowadays in Sweden, this is a band staffed by members from other bands like The Defaced, Soilwork, etc. The Swedish musicians' moonlighting in side and project bands is famous of course, but is getting tiring when serious and full-time bands could use the shelf space. Having said that, there really is nothing wrong with this gang musically. They thrash and thrash hard. Take the intense thrashing moments of Kreator, add a pinch of Slayer or At The Gates and you've got yourself a faster disaster, er, I mean Faster Disaster! The short solos are playful and creep in and out of the music. There are also many self-references on the album which add to the fun one should admit. The sound is good, especially the booming drums, and the gang is as tight as a demo band's budget. All in the name of fun'n games? You be the judge.

It would be all too easy to dismiss Terror For Sale were it not for the band’s competent thrash metal. The Swedes maintain a tight frantic pace and put together a solid and fairly heavy thrash metal list of songs here. What is different, lets use that word, is the fairly comical lyrics, slapstick song titles and vocal parodies masquerading as a chorus or a chant. Apparently, the boys from Darkane, Soilwork and other bands have decided their side-project should take a turn for comedy. To this end, the band has slapped titles like Metal Mosh Massacre, Liquor Saved Me From Sports, Mummy Metal For The Masses or Bloody Blues Blaster (at least, they know alliteration), slurpy, shrilly and entirely unserious howls and a Macabre impression or two unto its thrashing chaos. It might be funny for some and it might be tongue-in-cheek to the quintet, and certainly Macabre, Metal Duck, Witchery and SOD have found serious competition, but would anyone want to part with money in exchange for this? - Ali “The Metallian”


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