The Heavy Metal Dictionary

Heavy Metal Music Dictionary And Glossary – Translation Services Courtesy Of Metallian – 07.2022

Let me tell you a story. Heavy metal was different from other genres of music once upon a time. It was hard, it was heavy, it was fast and it was non-trendy. Then it was discovered by a bunch of poseurs who did not have what it takes to be metal, but sure as hell wanted to pretend they do. These wanna-bes infiltrated heavy metal and gave rise to conformist elements in what formerly was a pure and anti-mainstream genre. How do you think bands with keyboards, rags like Kerrang or band members who are sales hounds and feel a Grammy or Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame are anything other than embarrassments happened?

Disturbingly, the lemminglike posers could not help themselves and all used the same language as they tried their best to fit in. They also adopted the habits and norms of the commercial world. Thus, instead of remaining the home to strong individuals, this new metal scene used the same clichés; cloned words, phrases, stock and barrel as everyone else. They even typed these same words and phrases on their Facebook accounts (oh how hip!).

Metallian to the rescue. Here is a Heavy Metal Dictionary And Glossary to explain away the falsehoods and clarify the doublespeak!

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Heavy Metal dictionary glossary