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Here it is! A The Great Kat video clip and it is nothing short of what you would expect from the dominatrix queen of narcissistic, sadistic metal guitar. Prepare boys and girls, for this is nothing like the tame, mainstream blandness you'll see on Much crap or Money TV.Over the course of 2.5 minutes The Great Kat manages to show enough debauchery and depravity to make this worth every sick torture/ horror/ metal fanatic's while. If lightning fast guitar romps or a half nude abusing domintarix, or the sight of multiple torture devices sound anything like your cup of shed-blood, then your money's already in the mail! To order write to Thomas PR, 775 Park Ave., Suite 222, Huntington, NY 11743 USA or in that country call 1800KAT9199. - Ali "The Metallian"

There have been many harrowing times during America's fight against evil and terrorism. At times, the forces of good have faced seemingly insurmountable odds. Faced with adversaries aplenty, supporters of goodness, freedom, love and art have renewed reason to rejoice. Come to tip the balance in favour of America, ladies and gentlemen, Marines and National Guard, civic officials and volunteer firefighters please welcome The Great Kat. It is with a sigh of relief and a renewed belief in the imminent defeat of all evil-doers that the supporters of the war against Mullah Omar, bin Laden, Castro, Farrakhan, Ralph Nader and Saddam Hussein hail the descent of The Great Kat from 'shred/Classical' guitar heaven.
Co-opting Wagner (recall how mighty Manowar has ordained Wagner the father of heavy metal?), Franz Liszt and others, The Great Kat is a guitar fretboard up the back side of the Taliban. Shredding tracks like War ('Murder the Muthers! Slaughter the bastards!'), Terror ('You came to terrorize, To make your statement, You killed innocent people, Damn sick terrorists, jihad on you') and Humiliation are a tremolo bar in the eye of all nefarious slimes everywhere.
There are no two ways about it. The Great Kat's talent will blind evil, crush communism, destroy Maoism and smash Chomskyites back to their Allahs. Further ammunition is provided by The Great Kat's dazzlingly sexy Aphrodite looks which like the siren of yore will, sure as an Injun is devilish, attract would-be terrorists. Only this time instead of boarding the 72 Virgins Express, the conspirators will be dragged down and punished under the stiletto heels of The Great Kat ('Heel! Kneel! Get on all fours! Lowlife!') - retribution indeed.
America and the free world rejoice, your bosoms of freedom are here.

War is a short concept video of the song featuring Kat herself in (bikini) combat attire head banging to footage from World War II, September 11th and other atrocities. The video depicts her commanding American troops to battle, along with General Patton, Bradley and others, and is partly shot like a news footage on TV. Think what you will of The Great Kat, but she sure knows how to put on a show. March to to get this! - Ali "The Metallian"

Another short video this time featuring the Great Kat surrounded by American flags and declaring US victory in war. Mixing her famous fast violin and guitar work this video also includes a shot of the famous 'Uncle Sam Needs You' poster and many more American symbols. Check out or call 800-KAT-9199. - Anna Tergel

The latest by The Great Kat is a DVD that includes six videos and a few extras. In Zapateado, Torture Chamber, Castration, Live In Chicago, Dominatrix and War one can clearly see what she is all about. She eagerly and unashamedly promotes America as the land of the free and one wonders if it is indeed the only place where she can be allowed to make videos dealing with such subjects and including such imagery as castration and torture while at the same raising the flag of the country. The extras included are a FAQ and a few additional images for all Kat slaves to enjoy. Check, or for more. - Anna Tergel

With this review let us address a few points regarding The Great Kat, her music, this CD and context.
Firstly, and no matter what, one has to show the guitarist/singer a modicum of respect. She has been at it delivering her brand of speedy Classical music-influenced material for thirty years. Anyone else would have thrown in the towel or gravitated to acoustic numbers or given herself a cowboy hat and begun strumming along to vomit like Toby Keith, as Bon Joki for example has, by now. What is more she is playing so fast and flawlessly it is difficult to imagine she is making up either her convictions or Julliard training. The whammy bar on Torture Techniques would make Slayer proud. She is not kidding when she calls her music “Hyperspeed” either. Her banshee screeches are intact too. Kat still has long hair, a flaunting body and more studs and leather than the entire cast of Judas Priest has adorned in a decade. This CD, which is based on the Beethoven’s Guitar Shred DVD, contains seven songs that end in less than 8 minutes. That is how fast she is.
The problems are elsewhere. The obvious one being that most of the material is neither hers nor originally metal. This disc features music from Beethoven, Bach and Paganini. A great musician would compose her own and match the brilliance. The world is strewn with guitarists covering others’ work. Moreover, her own compositions show a typical American ignorance such as found in the halls of US Congress, right-wing media like USA’s ABC News, CBS News, PBS, etc. and public washrooms in Oklahoma and Texas where men cap off their sexual encounter with a meeting of the local Republican organizing committee and a round of machine gun target practice. Songs like IslamoFascists are either very bad jokes or ignorance of the worst kind. It is obvious that The Great Kat misunderstands the universal spirit and peacefulness of Classical music when she lip syncs the dross that comes from Fox News and other racist outlets, but to be clear Fascists believe in racial and religious superiority and oppressed and despised the Muslims. This makes The Great Kat a follower who repeats the crap fed to her. This is akin to the recent march in Poland where 100,000 retarded louts marched for fascism and presumably invited the Germans to attack and spank them once again. If The Great Kat wants to remain a musical, lyrical and conceptual cover version it is her business, but she must accept the consequences that go with her ignorance. These would include disdain and ostracization.
Classical music was founded and composed by great musicians who brought mankind together and provided universal joy. Heavy metal was founded and composed by great contemporary artists who rose up against the norms of society and elites who oppress and divide us to get their way. That The Great Kat neither knows this nor seems to care is a discredit to her music, as good and wild as it is. – Ali “The Metallian”

The mistress of metal keeps shredding classic songs, keeps upping the speed and in this two-minute single takes on the classical violin again too. She proves she is the reincarnation of past masters. Metal Mozart as she puts it. Marriage Of Figaro was first written in 1786 and recreated at the present time. The Great Kat hasn't lost her looks and flair either. Visit the wildest Juilliard graduate at – Anna Tergel

Out of the many interesting discs recently brought before Ali "The Metallian" and the knights at Metallian Towers one has to be The Great Kat's Wagner's War. The review is elsewhere, but suffice it to say that we simply had to interview The Great Kat after hearing the material. Well, the time came and the interview was completed. Yet for purposes of authenticity please assume that all answers were screamed, follow-up questions were met with silence or derision and that The Great Kat likes to scream 'Die!!!!!!!' as often as possible - 07.08.2002

Thank you for calling. The title of your latest masterpiece is Wagner's War. Will you expand on the title for the readers of Metallian?
The title Wagner's War was chosen because Wagner's The Ride Of The Valkyries is the battle cry to war. The Great Kat has decided to confront the terrorist barbarians who viciously attacked my city -New York City - with Shred/Classical music on this new CD!

It has worked. The terrorists haven't attacked again. Still, will you talk more specifically about the songs?
Wagner's War features Act I: War: first there is Wagner's The Ride Of The Valkyries from the Opera Die Walküre. This music is the definitive battle cry to war, featuring opera singers, The Great Kat's opera singers, The Great Kat's symphony orchestra and shred band. Then there is War which is heavy and brutal and is an ode to war! Third there is Terror which is about terror, Horror and Murder!
Act II: Revenge features Punishment which is about Punishment to traitors. Humiliation is next and humiliation and revenge rips through this guitar shred fest.
Act III: Victory has Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody number two with The Symphony Orchestra and shred band joining together in this insane version of this famous rhapsody. Sarasate's Zapateado is where The Great Kat's lightning fast guitar technique and demonic violin virtuosity shine on this incredible virtuosic showstopper! You can download a music sample of Wagner's War CD at

Is there a deeper meaning to your lyrics?
War, terror, punishment, humiliation. Get it? Go to The Kat web site at and hear samples of this outrageous music for yourselves.

OK. Your guitar playing and vocals are breathtaking. How many years have you practiced? How many years is that in human terms?
The Great Kat has been playing guitar for 15 years. I have been playing violin since 9 years old.

Speaking of which, you have such dexterous fingers. Which finger exercises do you practice?
The Great Kat is a violin virtuoso, who simply transcribes all violin solos, runs, and exercises to the guitar.

Do you actually use your fingers more or is it all in the wrist?
This is violin technique! That means its a combination of finger speed, picking, shifting, string, crossings and right hand/left hand and wrist mobility.

Since you are so talented, are guitarists like Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, etc. arrogant to tackle Classical music when there is The Great Kat's work out there?
The Great Kat is God.

Is that a yes?
The Great Kat is God! You can only compare The Great Kat to Beethoven!

You are a Juliard graduate. Have they asked you to come back and teach? Could they afford you?
The Great Kat is not a teacher. The Great Kat is a musical revolutionary.

Aren't revolutionaries also teachers?

Fine, enough about the guitar. Let us tackle your voice. Are you aware how you pleasure many when you open your mouth?
The Great Kat's screams are meant to bring out vicious, brutal and raw emotions.

Yes, but...
Wake up!

OK. Are you positive proof that females are superior to males? That is, do you think pussy is better than a Tom Cat, that gods walk among man?
The Great Kat is God! Who cares about mere mortal men and women?

Were you to erect your own Kat Harem who would you place in it? Please please say Ali "The Metallian".
Great idea.

Yes, it is. When Jews and Christians hail their final prophets as the Messiah, are they blind to the true Messiah The Great Kat? If yes, why?
The Great Kat is the musical messiah!

What about Jews and the Christians?

In the same context, Seeing that you have millions of fans will it be possible that one day there will be a Great Kat goddess colony?
A colony of Kat slaves inhabiting this pathetic Earth is a brilliant idea!

Since you are now thinking about it, what would be the condition for admittance?
Absolute worship of the deity Kat.

Can we go back to Beethoven quickly? You have admitted to being an incarnation of Beethoven? How accurate is that? For while Beethoven might have been your equal in musicianship, surely you win out by virtue of a more intellectual outlook on life.
The Great Kat is the reincarnation of Beethoven. Enough said.

Your new opus Wagner's War is a claw in the face of all Allah worshipers. Do you think any of the nefarious terrorist organizations have taken notice of you yet? If yes, what is their reaction? Please reassure the fans that you are not in danger and you have taken the appropriate precautions.
The Great Kat specifically wrote Wagner's War to confront the terrorist barbarians who attacked my city - New York City.

You didn't really answer the question... Where in New York City do you live? Have you thought of running for office in that district?
The Great Kat lives in Manhattan.

Again that is not the complete answer. Anyway, have you been contacted by the political authority to license your work for public use? Perhaps on the battlefield or as a morning motivational symphony at governmental offices?
I'll keep you posted.

Thank you. I am sure you have been offered better and bigger recording contracts? Why have you refused thus far?
The Great Kat is the owner of my own record label, TPR Music.

I was under the impression that your sister owns TPR.

OK, perhaps I am on to something! Your fans want to see you live in concert. Have you thought of getting on the road and have Manowar either open for you or become your backing band?
Stay tuned to the Kat web site at for all tour dates and other Kat info.

I will use this opportunity to ask several personal questions of interest to those scratched by your claws. How do you remain so beautiful?
The Great Kat is God.

How do I become your slave?
That's a good question. One: spread the word of Classical/shred to the masses. Two, Go to every web site, chat room and internet group and scream The Great Kat is God! Three, get on all fours and bow to your mistress Kat, while I shove my boot up your butt.

I have an even better idea. How do I get to sleep with you?

No seriously...
Now bow to your messiah!

I suppose it can't be helped. The web site is in case you missed it!

The Great Kat