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The Hollow is a Canadian band with a thoroughly professional presentation. The band's gothic image, press kit and most importantly production value all reek of lots and lots of investment. Sound-wise the quartet look like a goth band; yet mix that sound with Danzig, hard rock and even a sappy slow song named The Ladder. In essence, fans of Tool and Danzig will dig this stuff while everyone else might be put off with the melancholy soundscape, but no matter what one has to admit the band's sound is ready and primed for the big time - whatever that is. An unconventional arrangement is the presence of a number of instrumentals which are interspersed among the actual songs. The Hollow could easily be on the road with Marilyn Manson or on heavy rotation on Much Music. That is not meant as an insult! Those interested in the aforementioned sounds must either head to or e-mail for more information. - Ali "The Metallian"

The Hollow is a young Canadian band and Vita is its second official release. The four alter egos of Landau Von Merrick, Ava Von Merrick, Nilock Von Merrick and Colvin have recorded the 17 songs featured here from last fall until this past March and have come up with a 80-minute long CD jam packed with so many styles that one wonders where the band will draw its fan-base from.
The band, cool image and all, is probably influenced by acts like Tool, Iron Maiden, Voivod and Marilyn Manson is the music here can be considered indicative. The songs Lies and Estranged have elaborate guitars like Iron Maiden, while the bass rattles heavily all over which reminds me of Voivod. The title track has a real Marilyn Manson connection to it, but turns into a '70's-style hard rock/heavy rock tune before switching aback again. The drummer is also very good. He can be heard hitting interesting beats often culminating in the closing song Authority where he launches into an inspiring lead section.
The material is long and varied and reservations remain, but The hollow has the chops to somehow pull it off. - Sheila Wes Det


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