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It is relatively easy for a Greek CD to exceed our expectations here at Metallian towers. After all, with expectations running lower than the status of the outer wall-dwellers, anything half decent from the Greek scene is bound to plesantly surprise the royal court. Accordingly, DV8 has managed to do just that. Now, don't run to the store with cash in hand salivating to buy the CD just yet. Read the rest of the review.
First things first. Thou Art Lord is a side project of various members of Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ, Naer Mataron, etc. The project is so to the side that the last Thou Art Lord album appeared some eight years ago. In that period, Rotting Christ has been transformed from an underground black metal band to a goth rock band (with declining sales) and consequently it may be surprising to hear how DV8 has turned out to be this project's fastest album yet. On the other hand, this being strictly a part-time/play-when-you-want act, it makes sense for the members to practice the chops they no longer do with their main acts. Facing the fan with a cover of lust, fire and destruction, DV8 gets you in the right mood quickly through the utilization of a recording of Anton Lavey of The Church Of Satan, in turn complemented by the Church's official sigil of baphomet on the jacket. In an appropriately wise marketing move fans can therefore purchase this CD directly from the COS' web site. Back to the music though. It is fast, blasting and heavy with little deviation. There is not much here that is new or brilliant, but Thou Art Lord has seemingly gone out of its way to record something brutal. There are unnecessary electronic instruments here - albeit used sparingly. The bulk of the material is correctly metal. Be that as it may, this is neither primitive enough to satisfy the kind of craving satisfied by Darkthrone (say) nor brutal enough to compete head-to-head with an Immolation or Immortal. That seems to be eternal dilemma of the Greek metal scene. - Ali "The Metallian"

Thou Art Lord is back with a second album in three years. In Orgia Daemonicum they have released an album that is of the raw and back-to-the-roots category. The duo have assembled nine songs of very raw, basic black metal and added Onslaught's Power From Hell to add even more 'retro' to the album. The title of the album, songs and the cover arts suggest all that. There isn't much in terms of speed or heaviness here however, songs like He, The Great Worm, Necromantic and others sound more like a bunch of guys having fun re-counting their earliest influences and doing a decent job of it. Orgia Daemonicum is one to bring back memories of the simple, non-technical and the raw. Nothing more and nothing less. - Anna Tergel


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