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When former Serberus man Ivan contacted me about his new band Throcult, there was no hesitation in wanting to hear their songs. After all Serberus is a quality act that is deserving of respect. In an earlier review, this writer greatly praised Serberus' composition prowess and promotional onslaught. Then what happens? Serberus signs with Pavement/Crash and, well, crashes off of the fans' radar screens. It seems that more people have heard the Serberus demo than their debut album. What is my point? It is that you can only harm yourself. No one can bring you down except for yourself. Which brings me to Throcult. The featured three tracks on the CD, Kill Or Be Killed (not a Blessed Death cover), Hunted and Eclipse Of The Blood Moon, depict a superior quality death metal band. The drums sound is heavy, the guitars sting and the vocalist spews hatred with power. The band is as tight as a virgin and the sound perfect for the genre - even if this is a rough mix. Then what does the band do? Introduce a keyboardist! Why would a band so capable of being taken seriously mess around with trendy pop instrumentation is beyond my feeble mind. Safe to say that it takes away from the pure enjoyment that can only be derived from the true essence of metal. The band is practically giving these away so write either to or 1390 Everett Ct. #210, Lakewood, CO. 80215 USA.

The new Throcult album is peculiar because there has been so many line-up changes within the band that it is like a whole new group of people. At least, the band ditched its keyboardist some time ago, so the listener is assured of a tendency towards the better. Not coincidentally perhaps, Stormbringer is a streamlined black metal album with enough hatred to blow away a sizable number of bible groupies down in the US bible belt. This is how it sounds when a group starts to think for itself regarding the reality of Christianity. The band's logo is reminiscent of Dark Funeral which is where the music is headed with an equal amount of influence derived from Dissection. The band has an urgency built into its sound and things are never slow or plain with this cult. - Ali "The Metallian"


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