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Travel to the year 2004 and you will find that Evil is a very good album. It is almost surprising for the band hails from Italy, has some keyboards and even takes disadvantage of female vocals in one instance. Be that as it may, past an intro that could have been on a King Diamond album the band kicks into overdrive with emotional and in tune vocals and heavy, but accessible music. The singer has followed his predecessors and taken off on the band. Regardless, the arrangements and riffs are darn good and the songs are well worth the investment of time. It is too bad that the band has incorporated keyboards here, but metal fans can be grateful for its limited presence. Even an instrumental called Ecclesia Spiritualis which divides the album in two and the aforementioned female moaning on the song after next do not completely ruin the album.
In a sense, Time Machine is like Tad Morose. Both bands are competent and above average, they have solid musicianship and yet are hardly given their due on the heavy metal scene. A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, so why not give Time Machine a chance (and while you are at it pick up a Tad Morose album too!)?
Incidentally, this version of Evil is a re-release of the album with a remix of the song Eyes Of Fire as a bonus track. The original version is two years old (time machine, you know...) and was originally issued by Italy's Lucretia Records. - Ali "The Metallian"


Time Machine